Where to Use 

3D wall panels can be used anywhere as a way to decorate the walls in your home or office but would also look great in places of business or commercial settings like bars, restaurants or hotels. 

Made from material such as bamboo MDF, plastic and leather, they are mainly used to design a single wall, column, arch or partition in a room and can be used for interior or exterior walls, and ceilings. They offer high flexibility and can fit any design aesthetic.

3D panels will give your space a multi-dimensional look. The goal is to create a spectacular emphasis that will complement and harmonize with the overall theme of your space. 

Finding the Right Choice

When shopping for 3D panels, you should consider the layout and design of your current space to find out what particular design will complement its already established theme.
Whether you’re looking to design a wall, a ceiling or a smaller section like a column, arch or partition, you should be sure that the design chosen will fit with the rest of the space.

Our online catalog is organized by colour, size, material and style which you can overlap your specifications to narrow down your search and find what fits! Atlernatively, you can visit our stores and speak with our sales experts to design the room you’ve always dreamed.


CAD $23.04CAD $221.44
CAD $15.36CAD $229.12
CAD $23.04CAD $190.72

Benefits of Using 3D Wall Panels

When using these panels you will emphasize the selected portion of your space while also giving it depth. Other benefits include: 

Variety of Styles – Giving your room a unique look and design that will attract the attention of those who visit.

Providing soundproofing and insulation – They reduce both the temperate and the amount of sound that escapes the room.

Durability – 3D panels are easy to maintain and will last for years.


Talissa Decor provides many different decorating options for every home. With our vast selection of 3D panels we can make even basic rooms flourish with depth and style and find your space a very unique look. Environmentally friendly and extremely practical, these panels will fit any decorative concept.