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How to install Backsplash rolls

Faux tin PVC Backsplash roll - Installation Instructions

Follow these simple steps to install our faux tin backsplash rolls It’s really fast and easy.

  1. Measure the total length of the piece you need to install. Cut the piece at the desired length.
  2. Fit the piece under the cupboards (you can cut the roll with scissors)
  3. Apply the adhesive (solvent based Contact Cement) on the back of the PVC backsplash roll and on the wall that you are installing on
  4. Let the glue dry (2-4 minutes) until it become "tacky" and attach the piece to the wall. Squeeze out all the air from behind the roll.

This is it ! Now if you wish you can cover the edges with metal/wood/plastic trim and start enjoying your new backsplash!

You will need the following tools for the job:
Adhesive, foam roller, tray for adhesive, measuring tape, executor knife/scissors, pensil.