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Your exclusive distributor of faux tin, styrofoamdecorative ceiling tiles, 3D wall panels and other decorative solutions in Bronx, NY. At Talissa Decor we offer stylish and contemporary ceiling designs that not only add to the beauty of your interiors but also help you create an ambience that's unique and pleasurable. We are recognized for competitive prices, on-time deliveries and outstanding customer service and we always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their product selection

Our ceiling & wall products aren't limited solely for residential use, as we also carry products suitable for offices and commercial properties too! Browse through our online store today for a wide range of decorative ceiling tiles and 3d wall panels that will help you attain your desired look inside your home or office in Bronx, NY.

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We offer fast & reliable shipping to Bronx, NY for all our Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Planks, Faux-Tin Ceiling Tiles, Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles and other products! Our ceiling tiles are easy to install and safe and convenient to use. They are designed to be environment-friendly, durable, and require low maintenance. They have also one of the best fire rating in the industry.

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Looking to remove your popcorn ceiling?

STOP and watch the video! You will be amazed to realized that you can simply cover your popcorn ceiling with our lightweight, durable and paintable styrofoam (polystyrene) ceiling tiles.

How to Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling in Bronx, NY?

We have the perfect popcorn ceiling removal alternative for you!

Covering that old, outdated popcorn ceiling in your home in Bronx, NY is simple when you use our lightweight, easy-to-install ceiling tiles that require no previous installation experience. Check out our quick and easy guide on how to cover up popcorn ceilings using polystyrene ceiling tiles, without removing it.

 3D Wall Panels Bronx, NY

3D Wall Panels in Bronx, NY

3D wall panels can complement virtually any indoor residential or commercial environment and help you to create colorful life space. It is modern, simple and economical decorating material that can be installed quickly and painted in any color to match the interior of your space in Bronx, NY.

They can be used to create accent walls, background walls for TV, bedrooms, kids rooms, offices, restaurants and entertainment centers.

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Most Popular Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles in Bronx, NY

Our Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles are the best decorative solution for anyone looking for an easy and hassle-free way to add depth and beautiful decor to their rooms. Lightweight and extremely easy to handle, our styrofoam ceiling tiles require no previous installation experience, and they look great in any space!

Get that modern design look by choosing one of the most affordable options – Styrofoam (polystyrene) ceiling tiles. We have the best selection of ceiling tiles and other ceiling solutions in Bronx, NY.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Bronx, NY

Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76CAD $409.49
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76CAD $409.49
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76CAD $409.49
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76CAD $409.49
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76CAD $341.24
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $3.56CAD $416.38
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.76
Ships within 24 Hrs.
CAD $4.90CAD $423.14

Our happy clients

“I purchased these German-made wallpapers from Talissa Decor at Improve Canada mall. These wallpapers are of a great quality and look amazing in our powder room! I am very happy with the customer service, Maria was very helpful and knowledgeable." Alex from Bronx, NY
“We were so lost on how to get rid of our, out-dated, popcorn ceilings until my husband came across a video on youtube and in the video they were using your product. I was so happy to place the first order and was super excited when the shipping only took two days!! Your product is absolutely amazing and Im placing another order in a couple days. Jamie from Bronx, NY
“We purchased drop ceiling tiles from Talissa Decor five years ago for our restaurant and they still look brand new! Vlad was a pleasure to work with while trying to choose our favourite. The antique copper tiles help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with an antique vibe. We regularly get compliments. Would 100% recommend!” Kristy from Bronx, NY


Take a look at our most popular choices in Bronx, NY and get inspired by our rich gallery of projects we completed for many of our happy clients!

Find the Benefits Of Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles

  • Many Stylish Options - With Talissa Decor’s unique selection of ceiling tiles, it’s easy to find the right option for your space.
  • Easy DIY Installation - Our ceiling tiles are easily installed with just a pair of scissors and some glue. No previous installation experience necessary.
  • Convenient and safe - Our ceiling tiles feature a protective coating that prevents fire from spreading.
  • Low maintenance - All of our ceiling tiles are extremely durable and require virtually no maintenance.

The average price for Ceiling Tiles in Bronx, NY depends mainly on the quantity you are looking for, the material it is made of, the size and the installation type and ranges from $14.07- $51.19 and $3.57-$4.60 when it comes to Styrofoam.

Ceiling Tiles Type Average Ceiling Tiles Price
✓ 2'x2' Ceiling Tiles $14.07 - $21.49
✓ 2×4 Ceiling Tiles $35.28 - $41.96
✓ Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles $3.57 - $4.60
✓ Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles $14.07 - $41.96
✓ Black Ceiling Tiles $15.35 - $41.70
✓ White Ceiling Tiles $3.44 - $51.19
✓ Copper Ceiling Tiles $14.07 - $41.70
✓ Silver Ceiling Tiles $14.07 - $41.96
✓ Gold Ceiling Tiles $14.07 - $51.19
✓ Brass Ceiling Tiles $14.07 - $51.19
✓ Shipping Across Canada & USA

A new ceiling installed in one day with no plastering, no sanding, no painting involved! This is absolutely a reality with our exclusive ceiling tiles! We also offer wall panels, leather tiles, crown moldings and backsplashes! All you need is some glue and scissors.

Check out how easy it is to install our ceiling tiles, wall panels, and other decorative materials.

DIY Installation Guide

Popcorn Ceiling Removal is not an easy task. It's a nightmare for many homeowners in Bronx, NY because of the time consuming process, especially if there are many rooms in the house, and the potential health risks due to the dust.  You will need a lot of patience, a good tools and the experience doing it right without damaging your ceilings.

That is why instead of removing your popcorn ceiling, you can simply cover them with our ceiling tiles.  Our Ceiling Tiles can be installed over popcorn ceilings or any flat solid surface and the only tools you will need are:

– sharp utility knife,
– caulk gun for adhesive,
– adhesive (like Styro Pro or Acryl Pro),
– straight edge to make nice cuts

Installation Over Popcorn Ceilings

Absolutely! Your 2x4 grid can be easily transformed to a 2x2 grid.

Decorating small areas can be difficult.

The cramped space can make it a chore to try and fit in decor, especially if you are trying to finish up the small space with a beautiful ceiling. If you are trying to finish your ceiling in Bronx, NY and are looking to switch your 2×4 grid into a 2×2 grid, we are going to explain the conversion to you step by step to show just how easy it can be. We will also explain how to install new ceiling tiles as well.

Required materials: Cross Ts and your new ceiling tiles

  1. First, remove any obstructions such as lamps or ceiling fans to make your work a little easier.
  2. All 2×4 grids have a special hole for 2-foot cross Ts every 6 inches, you will need to measure your cross Ts and cut them so they can be inserted into the special holes without any overhang. You repeat the step for every 2×4 grid you want to turn into a 2×2 grid.
  3. After this, take your original 2×4 ceiling tiles and cut them, using the new hole created by the placement of the new cross T measure a 2×2 tile.
  4. Reinsert your ceiling tiles into the 2×2 grid upside down if you plan to spray paint the grid so you do not get any on the paint of the tile in case you want to use them again.
  5. You can then start to spray paint with the colour of your choosing, but first, use tape to cover any parts of the walls, ceiling lights, or anything else on your walls and ceiling that you don’t want to be painted.
  6. From here you can start installing your new ceiling tiles, starting first with the full ceiling tiles. To install them simply put them up against the flipped original ceiling tiles, lifting on one end first and working on the other side slowly.
  7. After the full ceiling tiles are in, you can start putting in any fragmented ones you may need to install. To measure out the size of tile you will need to cut, hold up the whole tile where the fragmented tile will be and use the cross Ts as a guide for cutting and measuring.
  8. Finally, if you find any gaps in the ceiling tiles, use the scraps from the fragmented ceiling tiles to fill them in.

As you can see, converting your ceiling from a 2×4 grid to a 2×2 grid is doable and will just take a little time and effort. With this, you can finally decorate that small space and give it an elegant ceiling that will add the perfect finishing touch. Get your tiles with confidence in Bronx, NY from Talissa Decor!