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Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Birmingham

ceiling tiles Birmingham

Is your ceiling old or damaged? While discolouration can be covered up with a fresh coat of paint, peeling and water damage are another story. Apart from the messy cleanup, there really is no guarantee that the damage will remain concealed. The same goes for your walls. Oil, grease and similar substances are incredibly difficult […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Barrie

wall panels in Barrie

When you take a look around any room, there are a few details that will jump out at you right away. Some might say that the ceiling is not one of them. To a certain extent, this is correct if your ceiling is plain and undecorated. An attractive ceiling with the right design and colour […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Atlanta

wall panels in Atlanta

When you want to set your Atlanta home or business apart from the rest, you need the right décor. Bring any room to life with our wide selection of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Atlanta. With amazing 3D and embossed designs, your property will take on a whole new look. Make a statement with […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Ashburn

wall panels in Ashburn

Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Ashburn are unparalleled in style which will give any room an amazing new look. The superior design paired with the use of high-quality materials are two of the main reasons why so many property owners love our products. For those of you out there who have little time […]

Wall Panels and Ceiling Tiles for Home Theatres

ceiling tiles in home theatres

Nothing beats a personalized home theatre. No other room can provide you with the same level of comfort and still deliver the unbeatable viewing experience offered by a massive screen and a full surround system. If you have a home theatre in your house (or want to have one in the future) and you’re looking […]

Wall Panels and Ceiling Tiles Miami – Simple and Creative Decor Ideas

It’s an interesting time to start decorating your hospitality business in Miami. Unless you haven’t found that special juice that makes you stand out from the crowd, chances are you’ll find it a struggle to create unique and appealing decor for your clients, whether it’s your Miami restaurant, bar, night club or lounge. With so […]

Las Vegas Ceiling Tiles – Top 10 Choices for a Stylish Vegas Interior

Las Vegas is known for the glitz and glamour that dominates both interior and exterior decor. In the City of Lights, it’s all about achieving a lively atmosphere through entertainment and lavish decor. It is all meant to make for a memorable stay and to make visitors feel like they own the world, even if […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels Las Vegas – Interior Decor in The City of Lights

Las Vegas is a city known for its vibrant atmosphere, with a huge number of bars, restaurants, night clubs, lounges, and exclusive hotels just waiting to help visitors make some amazing memories. With so much competition, it is no wonder that many bars and restaurants are upping their game in interior design to keep up […]

Creative Guides from Talissa Decor – How to Install and Customize 3D Wall Panels

Many of our clients struggle with finding the right decor for their home, and the main issue is how to customize and make their space unique. The good news is, there are many ways to improve the look of your home without overspending. A great solution for your DIY interior decorating troubles are 3D wall […]

How to Transform Your Home with Wall Murals

Wall mural forest

There are many ways you can make a statement with the interior design of your home. By introducing one piece of decor to serve as a focal point in a room, you can have something that attracts the eye and stimulates the senses. Wall murals are one such focal point that will elevate a room […]

Talissa Decor Ceiling Tiles
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