Hello everyone! We hope you’re all safe and sound, and that you’re taking all the necessary precautions against COVID-19. We certainly are! Apart from following the advice of medical professionals in terms of cleaninng and sanitizing, we’re taking all the necessary steps to ensure our customers and employees are protected:

✅  All our employees are instructed to practice social distancing

✅ Employees who have travelled in the past month or who are experiencing flu-like symptoms are asked to stay at home

✅ All of our employees are provided with hand sanitizer and advised to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly

✅ Administrative staff is working from home at the time

✅ Our products are manufactured, stored and packed in a safe and clean environment

✅ Enhanced cleaning measures are taking place throughout our venues

With that said, we want to let you know that we’re in business and that we are not experiencing any difficulties with shipping and delivery and that our ceiling tiles and wall panels are perfect for DIY home decor. They’re safe, convenient and require no previous installation experience – just what you need to kill the time at home!