Creative Guides from Talissa Decor – How to Install and Customize 3D Wall Panels

Many of our clients struggle with finding the right decor for their home, and the main issue is how to customize and make their space unique. The good news is, there are many ways to improve the look of your home without overspending. A great solution for your DIY interior decorating troubles are 3D wall panels.

Popular among world-famous interior designers, 3D wall panels have become the main tool for achieving fashionable decor. If you want your space re-imagined without having to pay expensive decorators, 3D wall panels are the perfect DIY option. They are extremely easy to install and require no previous installation experience.

What are 3D wall panels?

3D wall panels are unique decorative panels made of different materials. At Talissa Decor, we offer a diverse selection of 3D wall panel materials, including faux leather, MDF – wood fiber, plant fiber, plastic (PVC) – vinyl and thermoplastic ones.

The three-dimensional (volumetric) designs of our wall panels, distinguished by a great variety of shapes, are made to cover up entire walls or work as accessory elements. To browse our vast selection of 3D wall panels, click here.

A tip from the pros: 3D wall panels aren’t ideal for covering an entire room. To achieve the best results, pick a central wall and give it an eccentric look by mounting wall panels of your choice. The remaining walls should have a more simplistic look.

What designs should I use?

Three-dimensional wall panels usually feature repeating patterns which give volume to the walls. These designs can be lines, geometric shapes like squares and triangles, bubbles and other cool shapes.

Easy customization

If you find the design, but can’t find the right colour, there’s a solution for that too. 3D wall panels can be repainted to the colour of your choice. Looking for an antique look? No problem, the panels can be artificially aged with techniques such as craquelure or patination. Interested in a modern pastel colour? Grab your paintbrush and paint away! Whatever you imagine for your home decor, you can achieve it with 3D wall panels.

What are the advantages of 3D Wall Panels?

There are many reasons why you should use 3D wall panels in your next DIY home design project:

Durability – The strength of 3D wall panels is beyond compare. Quality wall panels from a reliable source can make your space look beautiful for a long time.
Sound insulation – In a way, 3D wall panels serve as an extra soundproofing layer. The thickness of the panels and the design itself can help you keep unwanted sounds outside.
Simple modification – 3D wall panels can be easily modified to the color you want and cut to the size and shape of your choice.
Fire resistance – All 3D wall panels at Talissa Decor are fire tested and certified.


How to install 3D Wall Panels?

As we’ve already mentioned, 3D Wall Panels are extremely easy to install. All you need to do is take the right measurements and apply the glue. Here’s a complete guide on how to install them, including some expert advice on how to handle the tricky parts such as light switches and power outlets:

In order to give your walls that impeccable finish, refer to our quick guide on how to cover up the joints:

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