Where to Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Decorative ceiling tiles are great for just about any space you want to give a little extra style and personality, they can either be mounted on the ceiling or used to design one wall.

Due to the massive selection in color and style, whatever theme you`re looking to take on is possible. Whether you`re looking for a more classic look or something more modern, we have something that will fit your preference.

Decorative ceiling tiles are also affordable so if you`re looking to add something more to your upcoming renovation this is a great choice to make sure you get something you`ll love at a great price.

Finding the Right Choice

When choosing your decorative ceiling tiles you should always consider the colours of the rest of the room. Picking a color or style that will compliment your walls or other parts of your space will create synchronicity and is easy to do thanks to our wide selection.

Take a look through our catalog which is sorted by colour, size, and style which you can overlap your specifications to narrow down your search and find what fits!



  • A variety of stylish solutionsOur catalog can make it easy to narrow down the right style and colour to fit your space and give it a fresh look. Whether you`re going to set up your ceiling or wall with decorative ceiling tiles it will give the whole room a new look.
  • Easy DIY installation Most of our tiles are easily installed and can be set up by anymore with cutting tools and some glue. 
  • Safe and convenient All of our ceiling tiles are fire rated and tested. Their protective coating prevents fire from spreading, thus preventing further damage.


In addition to the wide variety of patterns, colors and designs, Talissa Decor’s ceiling tiles provide many other advantages. We can give your space an original look with our large selection of styles and choices. Our tiles are both low maintenance and high durability and also the customization, and Talissa can also custom paint tiles according to your preferences.