What are the 3D leather panels made of?

A: The panels have 3 layers: top layer – fire and water proof Polyurethane; second layer (filler) – sound/water proof fire resistant Polyurethane foam; third layer (back board) – fire and sound proof PVC.


How thick are the tiles?

The thickness will vary from model to model, but all of the tiles have paddingand therefore they have volume.

Are 3D Leather panels water proof?

Yes this panels are waterproof and can easily be cleaned using soapy water just lake any PU leather furniture.


How to install 3D Leather panels?

Please check our “How to install” page for this information.

Can a 3D leather panel be cut?

Yes they can be cut with a miter saw.

How to finish the edges?

Every tile has perfectly finished edge on every side and it doesn’t require any finishing or trimming.


How are 3D leather tiles shipped?

The tiles are normally shipped by FedEx and delivered within 5-8 business days.

Is there a minimum order for this product?

Yes, please refer to 3D leather panels page for this information.

Can I order samples of 3D leather panels?

Yes, samples can be ordered on our Product Samples page.