We have two types of moldings: 6.5ft. long and 8’ long.

Corner blocks are the easier way to make a perfect 90 degrees corner without those complicated cuts (you simply butt joint the molding to the corner block).

Unlike wood, our moldings are not warping and keep their shape over time. The material is an insulator and it is not affected by seasonal temperature or humidity fluctuations. It’s extension/contraction ratio is very low compared to wood or MDF , means it will not crack over time.


For the installation instructions – please visit our “How to install page”. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

No you don’t. Our moldings are so light that the adhesive will hold them instantly. Once placed into place it will stay there, however you still have 10-15 minutes to readjust it if needed. If the wall is slightly curved you can use the hot glue gun – it will work like nails – will grab to the wall right away.

Yes, our moldings could be installed with popcorn/stucco ceilings. It will take little more caulk to seal the gaps, but it definitely could be done.


Yes, we can mail you Foam Crown Molding samples of specific molding styles. Simply add the styles you like to your cart and checkout and will ship out the Free Samples (we charge only S&H)