What are the Polystyrene tiles made of?

Polystyrene tiles are Styrofoam type product..

Are Polystyrene tiles fire rated ?

Yes, they are A class Fire rated.

Are Polystyrene tiles paintable?

Yes, Polystyrene tiles could be painted with water based paint – Latex or Acrylic (with roller or sprayer) . You don’t have to prime them, however the primer will always provide better surface for the paint.

What is the weight of Polystyrene tiles?

The tiles are literally weightless – 100 tiles will weigh ~ 10 lb (with box)

What is the thickness of Polystyrene tiles?

Polystyrene tiles are ~1/8” -3/16 depending on their design.


Can those tiles be installed in high humid areas?

Yes, Polystyrene tiles are completely water/moisture proof and will work great in basements, bathrooms or even on shower cabins ceilings.

Can Polystyrene tile be installed on the walls or as a backsplash?

We don’t recommend installing Polystyrene tiles on the walls, as they are made of soft material which could be easily damaged (poked).

What type of glue should be used for Polystyrene ceiling tiles installation?

We recommend “Styro Pro” (another option would be Acryl Proceramic tile adhesive).

Should joints be sealed?

The joints between tiles can be sealed using paintable silicone.

Can Polystyrene tiles be cut?

It is very easy to cut polystyrene tiles with a sharp utility knife.

Can Polystyrene tiles be installed in drop ceiling?

No their size is 19 5/6” x 19 5/6” when standard grid systems require 2”x2” or 2”x4” size tiles.

Can Polystyrene tiles be installed over popcorn ceiling?

Yes – Polystyrene tiles can be installed directly over popcorn ceilings – no scraping required, as can be seen in this video.

Are Polystyrene tiles flexible?

The tiles are somewhat flexible – they can be installed on vaulted and barrel ceilings.

How to calculate needed quantity for my project?

Please use material calculator on our website (on the left side of the screen on any of our product pages).


How are the tiles shipped?

We use various carriers – mostly FedEx, DHL and UPS.

What is the return policy?

You can see our return policy here – RETURN POLICY