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How to install Polystyrene ceiling tiles

Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles Installation Instructions

Follow these simple steps to install our Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Ceiling Tiles over popcorn or smooth surfaces

Our Polystyrene Tiles can be installed over popcorn ceilings or any flat solid surface

  1. Prepare the surface; remove loose plaster, paint, wallpaper etc. and draw a chalk line in the middle of the room (preferably through light fixture electrical box, if you have one).
  1. Apply the adhesive; we recommend you use the Ceramic wall tile paste adhesive (like Acryl Pro or Omni Grip) which could be found at any local building supplies store. Installation of the tiles over the popcorn requires more adhesive then for plain drywall or plywood ceilings.

  2. Install the fist row along the chalk line; take your time and make it as straight as possible, join the tiles side by side.
  3. Work your way to the sides; first install all the whole tiles, then cut the tiles as necessary and install the cut pieces at the end.
  4. If you decide to fill in the joints; use paintable silicone to ensure that the ceiling will still remain paintable in future.

Installation of ceiling tiles over popcorn ceiling

Please watch this video clip about ceiling tiles installation over the popcorn:

Polystrene tiles installation over the popcorn (stucco) ceilings:

Required Tools:

  • sharp utility knife,
  • putty knife for adhesive,
  • ceramic wall tile adhesive (like Acryl Pro or Omni Grip),
  • straight edge to make nice cuts.

Installation over flat surfaces: