Condo Lobby Installation Featuring Iceberg Wall Panel

We recently helped with the design of a newly constructed condo in Orangeville, Ontario. To create an eye-catching accent wall in the main lobby of the building, we decided to use a beautiful modern-looking 3D wall panel called “Iceberg” in charcoal finish. The panels were installed wall to wall, floor to ceiling, using only glue (and scissors to cut the panels).

The results are simply outstanding. The large amounts of sunlight coming from the two big windows next to the accent wall creates a vibrant play of light and shadows.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Products: 40 Panels of Iceberg 3D Wall Panels
  • Location: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
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iceberg 3d wall tile installation orangeville

Condo Mailroom Installation Featuring Iceberg Wall Panel

At the very entrance of this newly-built condo is a mailroom. We wanted to add some spice to this room, as mailrooms are often neglected when it comes to design.

There is a fairly tall wall above the mailing boxes. We decided to install these modern, eye-catching, three-dimensional wall panels that instantly transformed the wall into the main focal point of the room. The result is simply outstanding!

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Products: 12 Panels of Iceberg 3D Wall Panels
  • Location: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Metallic CharcoalMetallic Charcoal
White MatteWhite Matte
USD $26.99
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These Iceberg Wall Panels are designed for both residential and commercial indoor use. These panels are made of High-Quality PVC Thermoplastic, and the size of the panel is 23.5″x 23.5” – covers ~ 3.75 sq.ft. The panels achieve a seamless appearance through interlocking design. They are simple to install and easy to clean, lightweight, waterproof, and virtually maintenance-free!