Installation Featuring 238 Victorian Floral Tin Ceiling Tile

In a transformation at the Wantagh Inn in New York, our Victorian Floral faux tin ceiling tiles took center stage in upgrading their party room. Choosing a custom color tailored to their aesthetic, these intricate tiles became the focal point of the room, breathing elegance and charm into the space. The detailed Victorian Floral design harmonized seamlessly with the room’s ambiance, creating a captivating visual allure that elevated the party room’s ambiance, setting the stage for memorable gatherings and celebrations.

The Wantagh Inn was ecstatic with the outcome, expressing sheer delight in how the custom-colored faux tin ceiling tiles completely revamped their party room. Despite the intricacy of the design, the installation process proved hassle-free, allowing the inn’s team to effortlessly affix the tiles themselves.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Products: 250 tiles of 238 Victorian Floral Tin Ceiling Tiles
  • Location: Wantagh, New York, United States
ceiling tiles added to restaurant party room
Antique BrassAntique Brass
Antique CopperAntique Copper
Antique GoldAntique Gold
Aqua TinAqua Tin
Arabian Green - Special OrderArabian Green - Special Order
Blue Dove - special orderBlue Dove - special order
USD $13.79USD $16.29

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When you want to reinforce that rustic, oriental, or antique style in a room, you need these Victorian Floral Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles! Not only do they have the perfect design, but they are also available in a variety of suitable colors. Choose the color based on the color scheme of the room and help create a truly authentic theme!