Installation Featuring RM47 Polystyrene Ceiling Tile

We recently had a customer in Indiana order some of our RM47 styrofoam tiles. They were struggling with their old, dated, and unsightly textured ceilings and didn’t know how to update them without creating a mess or spending a fortune. Then they discovered our lightweight Polystyrene ceiling tiles and ordered some in a design they loved.

They were able to directly install these tiles over their existing stippled ceilings with no need for sanding, patching, taping, or painting. All they needed was a sharp utility knife, caulking gun, and our glue. In just a couple of hours, they were able to transform their ceiling into a luxurious and elegant masterpiece. All they had to do was give them a coat or two of regular ceiling paint, and their ceilings looked like they were made of plaster. Take a look at the lovely results of this installation below.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Products: RM47 Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles
  • Location: Brookston, Indiana, United States
styrofoam ceiling tile installation indiana

20" x 20" Ceiling Tiles

RM47 Polystyrene ceiling tile

USD $3.49USD $249.99
USD $15.99USD $129.99

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The intricate detail of these tiles makes them the perfect fit for any Victorian style setting. They can be left as they are or painted according to the color scheme of the room. Either way, you can be certain that they will work well to complement the rest of your decorative items.