Installation Featuring RM39 Polystyrene Ceiling Tile

In a home renovation, a customer transformed their living room with Talissa Decor’s styrofoam ceiling tiles, achieving a captivating ambiance with ease. Opting for our stylish and easy to install tiles, they elevated the aesthetic appeal of their living space with a touch of sophistication and charm. The intricate design and simple installation of the tiles seamlessly integrated into the living room’s decor, creating a mesmerizing transformation that enhanced the overall ambiance and visual appeal.

Filled with delight upon completing the installation, the customer expressed immense satisfaction with how our styrofoam ceiling tiles revitalized their living room. The addition of our tiles not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of the space but also played a crucial role in establishing a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and guests to enjoy. With our ceiling tiles as the focal point of their living room, it now radiates a captivating charm, inviting relaxation and memorable moments in a stylish and welcoming environment.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Products: 144 tiles of RM39 Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles, 24 tubes of Styro Pro Adhesive
  • Location: Delhi, Ontario, Canada
using ceiling tiles in living room

20" x 20" Ceiling Tiles

RM39 Polystyrene ceiling tile

USD $2.99
USD $15.99USD $129.99

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Our Styrofoam ceiling tiles are the perfect affordable option for covering an old damaged or stucco ceiling. They can be glued directly onto outdated popcorn ceiling (no scraping, no mess). Since they are so lightweight, installation is extremely easy too!

The size of the tile is 19 5/8×19 5/8″ (covers 2.7 sq.ft).