Installation Featuring TD18 Elegant Antique Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

This homeowner from British Columbia bought some of our elegant antique ceiling tiles in Arctic Sun. They were renovating their bathroom, and needed a ceiling solution that would blend seamlessly with their existing decor.

It was truly incredible to see how our tiles completely transformed the space, adding elegance and character in a unique way. The combination of white and gold created a luxurious and sophisticated look that instantly caught the eye. The intricate flower patterns and 3D textures of the tiles added depth and visual interest to the room, making a striking statement. The white colour brightened up the surrounding area, while the gold accents brought a touch of opulence and glamour. Incorporating these Arctic Sun faux tin ceiling tiles elevated the overall design, imparting a timeless charm and creating an impressive focal point.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Products: 18 tiles of TD18 Elegant Antique Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles
    in Arctic Sun
  • Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
ehancing bathroom with ceiling tiles in bc
Aged Turquoise - Special orderAged Turquoise - Special order
Ancient GoldAncient Gold
Archaic CopperArchaic Copper
Arctic SunArctic Sun
Champagne GoldChampagne Gold
Classic Aged Brass Classic Aged Brass
Coffee Swirl - Special orderCoffee Swirl - Special order
Corroded SteelCorroded Steel
USD $14.99USD $16.99

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A stylish addition to any medieval or antique room, this particular design will certainly grab your visitors’ attention the minute they enter! Made from the most durable PVC, these tiles are lightweight and designed to last.