Installation Featuring TD50 Rustic Tin Ceiling Tiles

We recently had a homeowner in Florida order some of our rustic ceiling tiles in the colour Ancient Gold. They were remodelling their basement and including a bar, and our ceiling tiles were the perfect touch to the space. The basement had just over 7’ tall ceilings, so the tin looking ceiling really helped to brighten the space and not make it feel so low. 

Faux tin ceiling tiles have proven to be a remarkable solution for brightening up basement spaces and alleviating the feeling of low ceilings. With their reflective surfaces and 3D designs, these tiles effectively bounce light around the room, creating an illusion of increased height and openness. The light metallic finishes of the tiles reflect and amplify natural and artificial light sources, making the basement space feel brighter and more inviting. Additionally, the intricate patterns and textures of the tiles add visual interest and depth, diverting attention away from the lower ceiling height. This transformative effect not only enhances the aesthetics of the basement but also contributes to a more uplifting and spacious atmosphere, making it a more enjoyable and functional area for various activities. Faux tin ceiling tiles have truly proven to be a cost-effective and stylish solution for combating the challenges associated with low ceilings in basement spaces!

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Products: 12 tiles of TD50 Rustic Tin Ceiling Tiles in Ancient Gold
  • Location: Holmes Beach, Florida, United States
basement bar ceiling tile installation
Aged CopperAged Copper
Aged SilverAged Silver
Ancient GoldAncient Gold
Antique WhiteAntique White
Archaic CopperArchaic Copper
Chestnut-Special orderChestnut-Special order
Classic Aged Brass Classic Aged Brass
Coffee Swirl - Special orderCoffee Swirl - Special order
USD $14.99USD $16.99
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Inspired by vintage, antique, farmhouse and country style, these rustic ceiling tiles are made from durable, high-quality PVC. This means that they are easy to install and they will also stand the test of time. They can be used in any room and are suitable for residential as well as commercial settings.