Installation Featuring RM31 Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles

In a tale of resilience and style, we had a customer from Southern Louisiana who sought to breathe new life into their home after it was severely impacted by Hurricane Ida. Their journey to rejuvenate their living space led them to discover Talissa Decor on YouTube. In the wake of the hurricane’s devastation, they were determined to not just rebuild but to revamp their home into a place of joy and beauty. Our styrofoam ceiling tiles emerged as the perfect solution for their renovation needs, providing both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

The installation of our styrofoam ceiling tiles marked a turning point in their home’s transformation. The tiles not only concealed the hurricane’s damages but also introduced an element of elegance and charm to their living space. Delighted with the outcome, these customers are now planning to extend their partnership with Talissa Decor by ordering more of our tiles for other areas of their home. Their story serves as a testament to the power of our products to not only restore but also elevate the aesthetics and ambiance of any space, leaving a lasting impression that will inspire future renovation endeavors.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Products: 96 tiles of RM31 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles
  • Location: Chauvin, Louisiana, United States
installing ceiling tiles in louisiana

Glue Up Ceiling Tiles

RM31 Polystyrene ceiling tile

USD $3.49USD $335.04

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A simple design that will suit any room. These Styrofoam ceiling tiles can be used in residential as well as commercial settings to improve the appearance of the room and conceal an old, damaged, or popcorn ceiling. They can be glued directly onto your ceiling (no scraping, no mess). Since they are so lightweight, installation is extremely easy too!

Size of the tile is 19 5/8×19 5/8″ (covers 2.7 sq.ft).