Installation Featuring 234 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Some time ago we had a hair salon from Portland, Oregon purchase some of our 234 tiles in the colour White Matte. When they were undergoing a remodeling process, they decided to use our gorgeous ceiling tiles to transform the look of the entire salon.

The installation process was straightforward, and they were able to complete the project quickly and easily. The end result was a stunning ceiling that added an element of luxury and sophistication to the salon. The salon owner was extremely satisfied with their purchase and received numerous compliments from their clients about the new look of the salon. They were also impressed by the durability of our tiles and appreciated how easy they were to clean and maintain.

Overall, the salon was incredibly pleased with the transformation that our ceiling tiles brought to their space. Take a look at the results of this installation below.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Products: 220 tiles of 234 Ceiling Tiles
  • Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
ceiling tile installation for oregon salon
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2x2 Ceiling Tiles

234 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

USD $13.79USD $16.29

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These tiles are subtle yet effective when you want to give your old ceiling a brand new look. This particular model is simple with just the right amount of detail to turn your ceiling into a stunning visual attraction. Made from durable PVC, these tiles are suitable for commercial and residential use.