Installation Featuring RM23 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

A customer recently bought some of our RM23 tiles from our online store to install in the family room. The room had outdated stippled ceilings, giving the room a dated look that wasn’t quite in sync with the rest of the house. To bring the room into modern times, they decided to cover the stipples with our polystyrene ceiling tiles.

The result was an instant impact on the room’s look and feel. Lightweight and easy to install, these polystyrene ceiling tiles gave the room a much more timeless aesthetic. They were glued directly onto the existing ceiling surface without any extra preparation or painting required, allowing for quick installation and minimal effort on behalf of the home-improvement team.

This project helped to brighten up this small room while staying within budget – making it an ideal choice for any home improvement job! Take a look at the results of the installation below – they are incredibly impressive!

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Products: 120 tiles of RM23 Ceiling Tiles, 12 tubes of Styro Pro glue
  • Location: Owings, Maryland, United States
installing styrofoam ceiling tiles in maryland

20" x 20" Ceiling Tiles

RM23 Polystyrene ceiling tile

USD $3.49
USD $15.99USD $129.99

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Give your room a brand new look without breaking the bank! These styrofoam ceiling tiles are ideal for this purpose. They’re easy to install, lightweight and affordable, plus you can paint them any colour of your choosing to match your décor. Not to mention, they help maintain energy efficiency in the room by adding an extra layer that keeps heat in during winter and cool air in during summer.