Installation Featuring Stone Veneer Peel and Stick Panels

We recently had a Toronto customer buy some of our stone veneer panels in the colour Avalanche. They wanted to enhance their front bar area with our natural stone veneer peel and stick panels. The customer recognized the need to upgrade the outdated decorative small mosaic stones, and our stone veneer panels proved to be the perfect solution.

The transformation of the front side of the bar is truly remarkable, as the natural stone charm of our panels instantly elevates the entire space. The choice of white stone colours with sparks adds a touch of elegance and perfectly matches the modern style of the bar area. The installation process was straightforward, requiring only a couple of cuts for the side areas. Our peel and stick panels made the installation hassle-free, allowing the customer to achieve their desired look with ease. Our customer was delighted with the end result, and we couldn’t be happier to have provided them with a product that fulfilled their vision.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Products: Stone Veneer Peel and Stick Panels – Avalanche
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
upgrading toronto bar with stone veneer

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Trending worldwide, these panels are three-dimensional, light, and come with a pre- applied adhesive, making them ready for installation out-of-the-box.

Made for convenience and natural aesthetics, these panels make any wall transformations affordable and fast. It was designed with having a DIY type of customer in mind, so virtually anyone can install these panels in just a few short hours. The natural stone texture works perfectly in a variety of settings, including lobbies, bedrooms, living rooms, and also as kitchen backsplashes.