Installation Featuring MU1784 – Good Old Brick Wall

A photography studio located in Aurora embarked on a mission to transform their customer waiting area using one of our captivating wall murals. The mural seamlessly integrated into the studio’s surroundings, enhancing the visual allure of the waiting area, as well as creating another great area for photos. By selecting this artistic backdrop, Studio Bokeh not only ensured that clients could capture their cherished moments, but they also provided an environment that transcended a mere wall. It became a canvas of inspiration.

This mural selection perfectly exemplified the studio’s unwavering dedication to delivering a professional, yet warm and inviting atmosphere for their clientele. It allows clients to immortalize timeless memories against a backdrop that is aesthetically captivating.

Photos are courtesy of Studio Bokeh.

Installation Summary

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Products: MU1784 – Good Old Brick Wall
  • Location: Aurora, Ontario, Canada
wall mural install for ontario photo studio
USD $269.99USD $609.99

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Vintage and modern work surprisingly well together. When you choose this vintage wall mural, it does not mean that all of your décor needs to be vintage too. You can create a stylish contrast by using light-colored modern furniture in this room and thereby incorporating both beautiful elements of home décor. This mural hangs like wallpaper and can also be washed, removed, and reused!