Glue up 2' x 4' ceiling tiles

Glue up 2' x 4' (24" x 48") ceiling tiles There are 25 products.

Talissa Decors can help transform your house into a work of art. Our 2 x 4  world class tiles add beauty to your homes and offices with their elegant designs. They can be effortlessly glued up on to any existing flat ceiling. The 2x4 glue up faux tin ceiling tiles that we use are inexpensive and come in different designs. You can choose a tile with an intricate design or keep it simple to suit your tastes.

Our tiles are high quality and have been fire tested by Intertek Testing Services. Maintenance will be a thing of the past as our tiles are water, dust, stains and termite resistant. They are lightweight, as they are made from Thermoplastic Vinyl (PVC), and can be installed anywhere. We offer them in 0.35mm and 0.5mm thicknesses. Just get them installed and be assured that they’ll look good for years to come.

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