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Talissa Decor is a leading global distributor of ceiling tiles, crown moldings, backsplashes, wall murals and other products that provide unique and inviting decor.

To inquire about special and large orders, please fill out the following form:

Find Inspiration

We are able to accomodate all sizes of unique orders. Whether you are looking for design solutions for commercial or residential interiors, we have exactly what you are looking for. Browse through our gallery to get inspired.

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Unique Products for Unique Interiors

Creating a unique space takes more than just vision - it takes planning, organization and unique products. We are always happy to help by accomodate special orders, allowing our customers to bring their design vision to life.

We work with clients of all sizes to create aesthetically pleasing spaces of all kinds!

  • Commercial interiors - take sales to the next level with imaginative interiors by Talissa Decor
  • Residential interiors - elevate basic walls and ceilings with texture and details
  • Hospitality - make your guests feel at home with beautifully detailed interiors