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How to Create a Perfect Home Interior

Modern home design is all about staying minimalistic and adding creative accessories that work together to bring a unified look to a room. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, then paintable styrofoam ceiling tiles are the perfect choice for you. They serve many purposes such as hiding wiring, enclosing ductwork and lowering the height […]

How to Design an Accent Wall

interior design with accent wall

There are a number of design aspects that can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a room. Accent walls have become especially popular over the years, and we have seen a number of trends surface as a result. When trying to figure out how to design an accent wall, it’s a good idea to […]


3D wall panel-001

Looking to upgrade the look of your living room, bedroom, or commercial space with something that will set you apart from the others?Look no further than 3D wall panels.These panels will give depth and style to any room of a house as well as a wide variety of uses in the commercial sector.These panels are made […]