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Dining Room 3D Wall Panels


3-D Wall Panel Application in Dining Rooms If you are going to be transforming your interior dining room space with 3-D wall panels and ceiling tiles, like the ones we can connect you with here at Talissa Decor, it’s important you understand exactly what you’re doing with these design elements. 3-D wall panels and ceiling […]

Backsplash Rolls in the Kitchen


Backsplash Rolls Application in the Kitchen The materials you choose for your kitchen backsplash will make a world of difference in not only how your kitchen looks, but it will improve the overall atmosphere. Having guests and preparing those delicious meals is certainly much more pleasant if it is done in a nicely decorated kitchen. […]

Faux Leather Panels in Office Spaces


Faux Leather Panel Application in Office Spaces Overhauling your office space is always going to be a bit of an uphill battle. You’re going to have all kinds of different design choices you’ll need to make, likely have a whole host of people you have to please, and will inevitably have to choose different design […]

Restaurant Wall Panels


Wall Panels and Wall Murals Are Perfect for Restaurants One of the fastest ways to transform the interior of a restaurant is to apply wall panels or wall murals to one (or more) of your restaurant walls, immediately changing the way the entirety of your space looks while adding quite a bit of visual interest […]

Dining Room Ceiling Tiles

dining room ceiling tiles

Dining Room Ceiling Tiles When it comes to designing different rooms in your home, your bedroom, your bathrooms, and your kitchen are usually going to get the lion’s share of the attention – and it’s easy to see why! At the same time, your dining is going to get its fair share of attention, and […]

Bathroom Ceiling Tiles

bathroom ceiling tiles

Bathroom Ceiling Tiles Bathroom design projects are always a lot of fun, and inevitably transform a room that you are going to use almost more than any other space in the home – giving you tremendous “bang for your buck”. At the same time, there are so many different things you’re going to have to […]

Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

kitchen ceiling tiles

Ceiling Tiles Application in the Kitchen Designing your dream kitchen is never simple or straightforward. There are always going to be a million and one design decisions that need to be made, and each one will have an impact on how the whole kitchen looks and feels. Juggling all of these decisions all at once […]

Living Room Ceiling Tiles

Living room faux tin ceiling tile

Ceiling Tiles Application in the Living Room Trying to find the right decor and design elements to transform your living room from something plain and boring into the heartbeat of your home ends up being more challenging than what most people anticipate it to be. Not only is there an unlimited amount of choices in […]

Bedroom Ceiling Tiles

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles Application in the Bedroom   If you’ve been looking for something to transform the look and feel of your bedroom, but aren’t all that interested in knocking down walls, pulling apart your ceiling, or spending a small fortune on furniture and decor – yet really want to turn your bedroom space into something […]



3D leather wall panels are a simple way to improve the look and style of your home.The panels come in a variety of colour options from white through shades of grey, browns, reds, and black panels.The panels vary in size from 15 3/4” x 15 3/4” up to 23 5/8” x 11 3/4“ and the […]