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Ceiling Tiles: PVC or Styrofoam?

room with pvc ceiling tiles

Both Styrofoam and PVC ceiling tiles come with their lists of pros and cons. What you need to realize, in this case, is that each type of tile is perfect for certain settings and needs. So at the end of the day, there is no ‘better option’ – simply a ‘better fit’. PVC, or polyvinyl […]

How Ceiling Tiles Can Be Beneficial For You

decorative faux tin ceiling tiles

When you take a look around and you try to identify the aesthetic strengths and weaknesses in your home, you can analyze just about everything. You will take a look at the furniture, walls, and even the flooring. The ceiling, however, is not something that most people take the time to notice. That is, of […]

The Best Ceiling Tiles on a Budget

The best ceiling tiles

When it comes to renovating or redecorating a room in your home, one of the top concerns will always be the cost. While we might be willing to spend more on certain items for the sake of style and quality, there are some areas where all we really want is to stick to that important […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Lansing

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Lansing

One of the best ways to enhance any residential or commercial space is to install ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lansing. Any room is deemed suitable for ceiling tiles and wall panels. All you have to do is pick a design, color and size that are compatible or complementing to the prevalent décor. You […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Traverse City

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Traverse City

Looking for an affordable yet sustainable way to transform the interior décor of a room? You should explore our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Traverse City. The vast collection of ceiling tiles we have gives you ample scope to experiment with ideas, to consider conventional and unconventional options, to induce a bit of architectural […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Pittsburgh

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Pittsburgh

Ceiling tiles and wall panels can transform your space in the most cost-effective fashion imaginable. Perhaps more importantly, these tiles and wall panels can also be used as an affordable means to completely transform your personal or professional space. Simply put, whether you are looking for ways to improve your place of business, or if […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Philadelphia

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Philadelphia

There could be many reasons to consider ceiling tiles and wall panels in Philadelphia. You may be planning the interior décor in your new home. Maybe an old house that needs some renovation. You may consider ceiling tiles and wall panels as a substitute for a fresh coat of paint. Or you may be remodelling […]

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles


Styrofoam ceiling tiles are fantastic for transforming any room in your home, office, or other business space. They are lightweight, versatile, and affordable. Of course, just like any form of home improvement, it’s important to make sure that you perform the installation properly for best results. Installation is easy and you don’t need any experience […]

Dining Room Ceiling Tiles

dining room ceiling tiles

Dining Room Ceiling Tiles When it comes to designing different rooms in your home, your bedroom, your bathrooms, and your kitchen are usually going to get the lion’s share of the attention – and it’s easy to see why! At the same time, your dining is going to get its fair share of attention, and […]

Bathroom Ceiling Tiles

bathroom ceiling tiles

Bathroom Ceiling Tiles Bathroom design projects are always a lot of fun, and inevitably transform a room that you are going to use almost more than any other space in the home – giving you tremendous “bang for your buck”. At the same time, there are so many different things you’re going to have to […]

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