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How Durable Are Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles?

how durable are styrofoam ceiling tiles

Some of the most common questions our customers ask us is how durable our ceiling tiles are, whether they will hold for a long time and how difficult it is to maintain them. Well, here’s the answer to all these questions. A Basement Ceiling Tiles Installation from Over a Decade Ago Back in 2008, we […]

DIY Home Decor: When, Why and Where Should You Install 3D Wall Panels?

should you install 3d wall panels

The walls of your home or business are a canvas and they should be treated as such. There are countless choices when it comes to decorating your wall, paint, wallpaper, art. However, there is a fast and easy way to bring elegance to your walls with little effort and at a great price – 3D […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Winnipeg

ceiling tiles in Winnipeg

Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Winnipeg are perfect for renovations as well as new constructions. Our products offer property owners the most affordable way of improving their property without a significant financial investment or inconvenience. The designs and colours you choose will reflect your personality and style or, in a commercial setting, the […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Windsor

ceiling tiles in Windsor

Give your home the makeover it deserves with ceiling tiles and wall panels in Windsor. We offer a wide variety of designs and colours to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. We stock a comprehensive range of products to ensure that your home or office enjoys the very best transformation with minimal investment or inconvenience. Installation […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Washington

ceiling tiles in Washington

When you install quality ceiling tiles and wall panels in Washington, you will highlight the best features of your property while keeping maintenance to a minimum. So, instead of frequent repainting, all you might need to do is a little dusting from time to time. When you install our products, you also don’t have to […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Victoria

ceiling tiles in Victoria

Give any room a brand new look without all the hassles that come with stripping surfaces, painting and other messy renovation techniques. Enjoy fast and easy installation even if you have no previous experience. Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Victoria are lightweight and easy to install. What’s more, is that our products are […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Vaughan

wall panels in Vaughan

If you want to make a stunning statement with your home or office style,  you need ceiling tiles and wall panels in Vaughan. Our embossed and 3D designs are wonderfully captivating and they will attract immediate attention as soon as you enter the room. Our products are suitable for all environments including those with high […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Vancouver

ceiling tiles in Vancouver

There is no greater feeling than stepping inside your perfectly decorated home or beautifully maintained office. A pleasant environment has a direct impact on your mood and productivity. With our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Vancouver, you too can enjoy amazing 3D beauty in your home or business. Our products make it easy and […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Surrey

ceiling tiles in Surrey

Do you want to change the style inside your home without making a major financial commitment? Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Surrey make such renovations possible for everyone. Our affordable products are perfect for covering walls and ceilings in any room. You will love the way they transform the room with minimal effort […]

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in St Louis

ceiling tiles St Louis

Maintenance is something that all property owners have to face. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot take steps to minimise the amount of maintenance required on a regular basis. Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in St Louis will help you do just that. If desired, our products can be painted but […]

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