A Creative Approach to Interior Design – Ceiling Tiles and Restaurants

restaurant ceiling tiles

Interior Design Creative Approaches

Commercial spaces such as restaurants need to look impeccable at all times. For a restaurant to be successful, it has to provide visitors with the right atmosphere – i.e. to make them feel welcome and comfortable. It can be quite difficult to create the atmosphere you’re aiming for, either due to lack of ideas or the inability to find the right materials. This is where Talissa Décor’s vast selection of ceiling tiles can help.

The process of decorating a restaurant always starts with a vision and with having the right materials. With our wide selection of wall panels, ceiling tiles, wall murals, and other decorative options, the possibilities are endless. Ceiling tiles can give your restaurant that classy, modern look you’ve been looking for. The best thing of all is that our ceiling tiles are extremely easy to use and require no previous installation experience. Here’s how some of our clients used our ceiling tiles in their restaurants.

Il Posto Resto

This wonderful restaurant from Vancouver used our #150 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles to create a warm and welcoming environment. With the intricate designs offered by these unique ceiling tiles, Il Posto has made sure their customers enjoy their surroundings as much as they enjoy the food.

K-Macho’s Mexican Grill

This Mexican grill chose our 201 Faux Tin ceiling tiles to accentuate the space and give it that original traditional Mexican spirit. It’s a well-known fact that ceiling tiles go great with restaurants and bars, but they can achieve so much more if you have a vision in mind. Check out how they did it:

Arbat Restaurant

The Arbat Restaurant from Thornhill, Ontario, used our TD 03 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles to create a mystical and luxurious atmosphere. With the combination of our ceiling tiles, purple LED lighting, and wonderful light fixtures, this restaurant has certainly created the perfect environment for a great night out.

restaurant ceiling tiles

Pan on the Danforth

This lovely restaurant in Toronto is the perfect place to enjoy some great Mediterranean dishes. They used our 117 faux tin ceiling tiles to make the space look welcoming and unique. The combination of lighting and the warm tones of our lovely ceiling tiles gives just the right emphasis to the space.

The Hollywood Restaurant

When you think of glamour, it is likely that Hollywood will be among the first things that come to your mind. The Hollywood restaurant from Vaughan, Ontario, brought a dash of that Hollywood charm into their unique space. With glitz and glam everywhere, it only made sense to complete the look with our 210 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles.

Emilio’s Restaurant

Ceiling tiles and Mexican restaurants make a winning combination. Very few things can bring that truly authentic look to a restaurant like ceiling tiles. With a warm, inviting atmosphere created by our TD-04 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles, this restaurant successfully brings you the spirit of authentic Mexican cuisine.

King Fish Restaurant

The elegant look of the King Fish Restaurant is complemented by our #TD04 Faux Tin Patina Copper Ceiling Tiles that perfectly highlights the ceiling and creates a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Available in multiple colours, these ceiling tiles are the ideal decorative solution for any restaurant looking to brighten up the atmosphere and add elegance to the space.


king fish restaurant ceiling tiles-interior design