Polystyrene ceiling tiles are popular in home and office settings alike. They are available in various designs which makes it that much easier for property owners to find the right style to suit their existing décor. Some designs are more intricate than others, and some will give the room a distinctly modern feel. No matter which style you choose, there are some great advantages to these particular ceiling tiles.

The one main advantage of these tiles is the fact that the will improve the overall appearance of the room. While we tend to concentrate most of our efforts on the walls and flooring, ceilings are often neglected. It’s a shame because decorating this space can have such an amazing impact with minimal to no maintenance!

Another great advantage is that this layer of Styrofoam ceiling tiles also provides an additional layer of insulation. More insulation helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. While you should note rely solely on these tiles to insulate your home, it certainly benefits the overall insulation.

polystyrene-ceiling-tilesMaintenance is another notable benefit of polystyrene. Once these tiles are in place,  you won’t need to worry about much maintenance at all. If you desire, the tiles can be painted. For smokers, the ceiling of their home is the biggest giveaway. A quick coat of paint, however, will solve this problem! If you choose to add a sealant between the tiles after their installation, you should opt for a kind of silicone sealant that can be painted. Not all sealants can be painted, so it’s essential that you determine this before applying it to your ceiling tiles. That said, sealing them is not a necessity since they fit really well together, so it’s really a matter of preference.


It’s also fairly common knowledge that polystyrene is remarkably lightweight. This means that they are really easy to work with. There’s no need to lift heavy weights or try to balance large tiles. Simply apply the adhesive and place your tile in position! You will need to hold it in place just to make sure that the entire tile is properly secured but, once you’ve installed a few, it will become second nature. Installation is extremely easy, and you don’t need any particularly high tech equipment or even any experience.

These tiles are thin which means that installing them will not cause you to sacrifice the height of that room. This might not sound like a problem for rooms with really high ceilings but, if you have a small room or low ceiling, you’ll want to save as much space as possible!

Since these tiles are made from polystyrene, they are easy to cut. Sure, you won’t end up cutting all of your tiles but, once you reach the border of the ceiling, you might need to cut them to size. All you need to do is measure the size you need, trace this size onto the tile and cut! A sharp box cutter usually works really well. Just make sure that you have a firm surface like a piece of wood supporting the entire tile when you do cut.

Finally, if you want to give your home a more appealing style for potential buyers, these tiles can really help you up your game! No matter how gorgeous your home is, if the ceiling has water stains or looks neglected, it can cause buyers to lose interest, or they will at least try to knock you down from your original asking price.

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