Decorative Bars Ceiling Tiles


Ceiling Tiles Application in Bars

There are a lot of different things you want to do to make your new bar as popular as possible, and many of those things are going to revolve around the kinds of drinks you offer, the kinds of food options you provide, and – maybe most importantly – the kind of atmosphere that your bar brings to the table, separating your spot from any other in the area.

This last area of focus, however, is where a lot of otherwise smart, strategic, and successful bar and restaurant owners dropped the ball a little bit.

Most knock the drink and food menu for their bar right out of the park, giving them a serious advantage over the competition, but then cripple their success by not focusing on generating the kind of design, decor, and atmosphere necessary to bring in the type of clientele they are shooting for.

Thankfully though, with just a handful of tips and tricks that we include below, you’ll be able to leverage our success here at Talissa Decor to transform your bar almost overnight.

Let’s dig right in!

Focus on top to bottom decor overhaulsCeiling-tiles-in-bar

Changing a handful of design and decor choices in your bar will only give you a little bit of a boost, if any – for changing your design and decor from top to bottom give you an opportunity to soft rebrand your bar almost completely.

Not only are you going to want to focus on the floor level elements in your design during this overhaul, however, but you’ll also want to focus on the ceiling tiles you choose as well.

You want to take a “big picture” view of your space, and that means transforming the bar with the right kind of ceiling tiles. Your ceiling is going to be your most unobstructed chunk of real estate in your bar, will be visible by EVERYONE, and needs to be a focal point if you’re going to nail the kind of atmosphere you are looking for.

Don’t drop the ball when it comes to choosing the right ceiling tiles. Work with us here at Talissa Decor to find ceiling tiles that will elevate your design almost immediately!

Lighting is criticalCeiling-tiles-in-bar

Obviously, you’re going to want to make sure that you choose lighting options and fixtures that highlight specific areas of your bar without flooding the place with florescent lights or halogen spotlights – creating too bright of a space for people to unwind, relax, and be comfortable in.

It’s also not a bad idea to consider the ceiling tiles you have selected for your new bar when you’re thinking about lighting options, either.

You’ll want lighting that reflects light onto your ceiling and then back down on your patrons, softening the glow of your bar without limiting visibility at the same time. Different materials in your ceiling will better reflect or absorb light, and that’s something you want to consider, too.

Handle as much of your overhaul as possible

At the end of the day, the most successful bars, restaurants, and businesses in general are always looking for ways to cut costs without cutting corners.

Here at Talissa Decor, we can help you take advantage of ceiling tiles that allow you to DIY this entire part of your interior design overhaul – all while producing fantastic results at the same time. You won’t need any special tools, you won’t need any special experience, and you will be able to completely transform your bar almost overnight with these kinds of tiles.

If you want to add depth, a decorative touch, and visual interest to your bar, you can’t go wrong with these kinds of tiles. Contact us today for more information!