Wall panels are an excellent addition to various rooms. When you start shopping around, you will notice that there are a number of stunning options. The first thing you will need to decide is what kind of material you would like. Or at least the kind of look you are trying to create. Faux leather wall panels are incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of choosing this luxurious type of wall panel.

Affordable Elegance

The whole point of choosing faux leather wall panels is to enjoy the advantages of a leather look without the huge financial investment. Faux leather designs offer stylish perfection and you can rest assured that they will not cost nearly as much as natural leather panels. Adding elegance to your home is perfect for your own pleasure and it will also help boost the appeal and appearance of your property should you wish to sell in the future.

Easy Installation

faux-leather-wall-panel-designThese panels are extremely easy to install thanks to the fact that they are lightweight. Natural leather is significantly heavier and, when you consider securing such panels to a wall, it’s important to remember that lightweight is best. You will not need to worry about the panels becoming loose or falling because the adhesive is strong enough to hold these light panels.


If you have ever owned anything made from real leather, you will know just how much work is involved when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. With faux leather, this is no longer a concern! Gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and some clean water is all you need! It’s not necessary to use the special treatment products required for keeping natural leather soft, moist, and supple. Natural leather needs to be thoroughly cleaned before applying special treatment products which means that it’s a multi-step process that needs to be repeated on a regular basis. Real leather will crack without the right care. Faux leather is not nearly as demanding and maintenance is also significantly cheaper.


Faux leather wall panels are made to imitate the real thing. In other words, you can expect to find faux leather panels in all the same colors as you do natural leather. This is great news when it comes to your interior design! Whether you are partial to black, white, tan, or a darker shade of brown, you will find an abundant selection of faux leather products from which to choose. Not to mention the fact that some designs also include accessories like studs for even more texture and style. Some models are fairly simple while others have a gathered effect. It really is all about personal style and preference.


luxurious-type-of-wall-panelAs previously mentioned, you will not need to take extra special care of your faux leather panels. They may require some light cleaning from time to time but you can rest assured that they will look great for a long time! The important thing to remember is to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, avoid using abrasives to clean these panels.


Faux leather tiles are extremely versatile and can be used to spruce up any room! Simply consider the color scheme and other design aspects before selecting the perfect design. In fact, you will most likely find several suitable options while browsing!

Residential or Commercial

Whether you want to add style to your home or business, faux leather panels are an excellent choice. Since they are luxurious in appearance, it’s a great way of highlighting the upscale appeal of your business. Similarly, if you have invested in high-end furniture and fixtures, a faux leather wall design will amplify this. As briefly mentioned above, these panels will help boost the aesthetic appearance of your home and they certainly have the same effect on businesses.

Accent Wall

When you choose to add faux leather wall panels to any room in your home or business, it’s good to note that you don’t need to cover all four walls. In fact, given the depth created by these designs, it is best to create an accent wall instead. Consider adding a faux leather wall panel design behind your bed or on one of the main walls in your living room, dining room, or any room you would like to transform into your new favorite space.

When you plan on adding faux leather wall panels to any room, you might still have questions regarding the product, installation, care, and more. At Talissa Decor, our professional team is always happy to offer information and advice. Should you be unsure about how many panels you will need for a particular space, we are available to assist in this regard too. Take a look at our wide variety of faux leather wall panels and feel free to contact us for more details.