The Best Ceiling Tiles on a Budget

The best ceiling tiles

When it comes to renovating or redecorating a room in your home, one of the top concerns will always be the cost. While we might be willing to spend more on certain items for the sake of style and quality, there are some areas where all we really want is to stick to that important budget. Your ceiling is the perfect example of one of these budget areas. It’s the part of the room that will be fairly appreciated if done right but, if it is neglected, it will be an eyesore and wreck all your design efforts. The good news is that you don’t have to empty your pockets just to get that perfect ceiling. Here are the best ceiling tiles on a budget.

Styrofoam ceiling tiles

Styrofoam ceiling tilesLightweight, made from affordable Styrofoam, and easy to install yourself. These ceiling tiles have it all! They are some of the cheapest ceiling tiles on the market and they are available in various styles. Polystyrene tiles arrive unfinished which means that they are white. They can be painted if desired or, if you prefer, you can leave them as they are. Many people choose to leave their Styrofoam tiles white until the time comes to repaint the entire room. Then and only then do they apply a fresh coat of paint to give their stylish ceiling tiles a cleaner appearance.

Faux tin ceiling tiles

Real tin ceiling tiles might look great but it’s worth noting that they are not only heavier but also more expensive than faux tin ceiling tiles. So, if you want tin but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, the faux is for you. The whole purpose of faux products is to give the consumer that undeniable luxury and the beauty of the real thing without the added cost. It’s also worth mentioning that faux products usually require far less maintenance and care. They are not nearly as sensitive to the elements. For example, tin can be sensitive to moisture while faux tin is not.

Choose quality tiles

Faux tin ceiling tilesYears ago, most people would jump at the chance to get their hands on the cheapest possible products. Saving money is a big deal for everyone, but there comes a time when everyone realizes that quality does not necessarily come cheap. That said, quality will stand the test of time. Inferior quality products need to be replaced more often whereas a quality product will not need frequent replacement – if at all. In the long term, paying slightly more at first will equate to savings later on.

Shop for discounts

Although the previous point states that cheap is not necessarily the best choice in terms of quality, this does not mean that you can’t look for deals. Discounts are where you need to go for the best ceiling tiles on a budget. When browsing products, it’s a good idea to check the deals and discounts section before browsing through the rest of the tile designs. You never know where you will find that perfect ceiling tile design!

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