Ceiling Tiles for Hotels

ceiling tiles for hotels

Hotels have created a standard for hospitality and leisure spaces. From regular rooms to master suites with views and everything in between, its goal is to provide a welcoming haven for both local and international visitors. Beyond its impeccable customer service, hotels are often memorable for their visually appealing aesthetics. When you combine vision with accommodation, you create an unforgettable experience – one you should want for each of their guests so they keep coming back for more.

An excellent way to improve or transform a space is by adding or upgrading decorative materials. While that could be anything from adding a simple centerpiece or statement object, we’ve noticed that incorporating the right ceiling tiles makes a significant difference. Not only is that product a seamless addition, it is basically a masterpiece in disguise –  one that known to tie everything together.

This versatile product can do so much in a room. Since it comes in different designs, sizes and colours, it can easily blend in with any theme of a particular room. Moreover, some ceiling tiles can completely change the look of a hotel room if placed correctly.

The Standard Room

Just because a room is the most affordable of the bunch doesn’t mean it can’t be extravagant on its own accord. Keep the room simple and classic with this lovely ceiling tile. Its white colour and intricate design gives the room a spacious appearance with an elegant touch.

202 White Matte Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The Double Room

Let’s up the game by including coffered tiles to the mix. Trimmed with pearl like designs, this beauty comes in an array of colours, from elegant white to statement gold and everything in between.

267 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - Coffered - Rosewood

The Themed Room

If your hotel stands in the great city of Las Vegas, it only makes sense to add a Casino themed room to the mix. Whatever you want to highlight, whether it’s a game card like poker or intricate embellishments to better represent the city of Lights – we’ve got you covered.

Antique Silver

The Party Room

A busy ceiling may seem overwhelming in a neutral setting, but if the purpose of a room is to dazzle guests, this ceiling tile is absolutely perfect. Its repetitive patterns and colour options create the perfect enhancement to any party – or celebratory – room.

FT5 Antique Gold Faux Tin Glue up Ceiling Tile / Edge Filler

The Royal Room

The master suite is essentially the highest room in the hotel hierarchy. As such, it’s only fitting for it to be embellished with golden or rustic copper accents. Whether you’re looking to recreate a medieval vibe, or create a room fit for a king – you can’t go wrong with this ceiling tile.

Patina Copper

While we’ve narrowed down some of the most popular ceiling tiles for hotels for you to see, you can also browse our full selection of ceiling tiles here: https://www.talissadecor.com/

At Talissa Decor, we offer both PVC and styrofoam ceiling tiles for hotels. Most ceiling tiles are rather lightweight, and all of them are extremely easy to install. In fact, our glue-up ceiling tiles require nothing more than a steady hand, some glue, and some cutting tools to get the job done all on your own. If you think a particular tile look is better suited for the wall instead of the ceiling – you can use it on the wall! Regardless of the design you choose, our wide inventory carries the perfect ceiling tiles to enhance any hotel space.