Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in San Francisco

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in San Francisco

There are three reasons why you should consider ceiling tiles and wall panels in San Francisco. The first reason is rather obvious. Ceiling tiles and wall panels are an aesthetic upgrade for ordinary walls. The sheer visual appeal of stylish ceiling tiles can transform any room. The vast array of wall tiles we have can change not only the aesthetics of a room but also the ambience.

The second reason why you should consider our ceiling tiles is a little more important than aesthetics. It is energy efficiency. Ceiling tiles and wall panels are a great extra layer of protection for your walls. They are not technically insulating materials but they do have an effect on indoor heating and cooling needs.

The third reason is the longevity of the installations. You can bid adieu to usual needs such as repainting or using wallpapers and other decorative materials.

Both ceiling tiles and wall panels enhance the curb appeal and there will be a direct impact on the value of the property. You can choose our products for an old house, a new home, an apartment or a condo, a studio or a villa. Whether you live in the city or anywhere in the bay area, whether it is a house or a vacation rental, ceiling tiles and wall panels are more than beneficial. They are a necessity if you want a distinct interior décor.

We are the Largest Dealer of Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in San FranciscoWall Panels in San Francisco

Talissa Décor is not only the largest dealer of ceiling tiles and wall panels in San Francisco but the largest distributor in all of North America. We sell our ceiling tiles and wall panels and ship them throughout the United States and Canada. We always ship orders on the same day if the purchases were completed by 1 p.m. EST. Else, we ship the orders the next business day. If there is no weekend or public holiday in the interim, your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

Explore the Most Diverse Inventory of Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in San Francisco

One quick glimpse of our inventory and you would know that it is the most diverse you can get to explore. We have ceiling tiles made of vinyl, which is our bestseller. We also have ceiling tiles made of polystyrene. Our wall panels are made of faux leather, plant fibre, wood fibre, plastic and thermoplastic. You can choose any of the five bestselling materials. The eventual choice should not be made in isolation. The type of property you have and the kind of interior décor you want, given the fact that there may be a few fixtures or installations already, should determine your choice. The same applies to the size of ceiling tiles or wall panels.

Installing our ceiling tiles is an effortless exercise. They can be simply dropped in or glued up depending on the choice you make. Wall panels also have standard installation and there is no complexity whatsoever. We have comprehensive installation guides. Our ceiling tiles and wall panels are a treat for any DIY enthusiast. You would not need any technical help. You may need a helping hand, so a friend or a family member should ideally be a worthy companion for a brief adventure.

Talissa Decor Ceiling Tiles
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