How to Decorate Your Ceiling with Faux Wood Beams

Before discussing the numerous ways you can decorate your living space with faux wood beams, let’s dive into what they are and how they can be used. Simply put, faux wood beams are a cost-efficient, decorative alternative to regular wood beams. Made from a high-density polyurethane, they mimic the look of real wood while being completely customizable and lightweight. Furthermore, since they come in a wide range of colours, types, and finishes, you are sure to find faux wood beams that best fit your home’s aesthetics – both indoors and outdoors.

ceiling with faux wood beams


The best part about faux wood beams is that they are easily obtainable, there is a large selection to choose from, and a variety of styles to play around with. In fact, by adding faux wood beams to certain places around your home, you can transform your space. For example, a plain yet modern room can be given some rustic appeal by adding distressed faux beams to the walls and ceiling. Or, you can add some warmth to an open area by adding exposed beams to the ceiling. The possibilities are limitless, and the options are endless.


Even if you don’t want to transform the aesthetic of your space, you can choose to enhance it by adding different types of faux wood beams to the ceilings. For example, create depth by adding dark coloured beams (i.e. dark brown) to a light coloured room (i.e. cream walls). Or, pair dark beams to a dark coloured ceiling and create a multi-dimensional appeal. Amplify a certain style (i.e. centerpiece) within your home by framing your showrunner with beams. You can also use faux wood beams as wall decor or a doorway wrap to give your home some additional charm. There’s a plethora of ways you can use faux wood beams to highlight certain areas of your home all the while giving it more personality.

faux wood beams


Another great way to use faux wood beams is to use them as a cloaking mechanism. For example, if you’ve got support pillars in the basement that need covering, faux wood beams are the perfect solution. Not only because they can fit any environment, they can also help to further enhance it. Another great example of this is with the use of faux wood beams and lighting. Faux wood beams can be strategically placed on a ceiling to either shine a light on a beautiful chandelier, or they can be created with recessed lighting in mind. The simplicity of using pot lights within faux wood beams is practically the equivalent of timeless elegance.


Another place faux wood beams can be used is within the exterior decor of your home. Since they do not warp, crack, rot or mold like real wood, they can be used in a number of places. From porches and patios to outdoor kitchens to the exterior walls of the home. Just be sure to look at the specifications of the faux wood beams prior to installing them – but overall, they are a perfect addition anywhere in your home.

dark faux wood beams

Beyond being able to add faux wood beams wherever you desire, these decorative elements are affordable when compared to their wood beam counterparts. Since they are lightweight, they can be used horizontally or vertically and are easier to install. Moreover, faux wood beams come in different styles that all emulate different aesthetics. Whether you opt for straight, curved or angled beams, by simply adding them to your home – you are giving your space additional character. And by the amount of colours, designs and finishes available, you are certain to find your best match.

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