Decorative Ceiling Tiles: Home Decor Ideas You’ll Love


Looking to do a major renovation without spending a lot of time and money? We’ve got the solution for you! Ceiling tiles are an affordable and easy way to transform your space, and they’re so easy to install. Anyone can just throw up some tiles and call it a day, but what about making something totally unique and your own, something that no one else has? It can be hard to come up with something totally original, but luckily we are here to help. We have compiled a list of great decorative ideas you can use to get your imagination running so you can make your space look fantastic from ceiling to floor.

  • Rather than filling an entire ceiling with tiles, having small sections of tiles that make a pattern of their own will give a great effect that will both save money and produce an original look.


  • If you have multiple layers on your roof, try and cover both the highest point as well as the lower ceiling to create a feeling of depth.

  • Having ceiling tiles on elevated walls rather than using them to cover your ceiling creates a unique look you don’t often see.


  • Find a ceiling tile that has a colour that will complement the surrounding walls.


  • Thick lines separating ceiling tiles will emphasize the tiles and make them pop!


  • Use alternative tiles in different spots to create a visually interesting pattern.

alternative-tiles (1)

  • Use floodlights to create a sophisticated pattern throughout the room, while also adding extra lighting.


  • Wall panels can be added to create depth and style to the room creating a completely unique space.


  • Instead of keeping wall mounts congruent throughout the wall, try placing them all a little differently to make a creative design.


There you have it, a collection of some wonderful ideas on what you can do with ceiling tiles to make your space unique and eye-catching. While it may seem like the ceiling isn’t a focal point, it can really bring together a room and give it a better look overall.

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