What are 3D wall panels made of?

The 3D panels are made of bamboo pulp. The process is very similar to the papermaking.

How thick are the panels?

Panels are 1.5 mm thick.

Are the 3D wall panels water proof/moisture resistant?

No, they are not. The panels shouldn’t get into direct contact with water.

Are those panels paintable?

Yes, absolutely. You can spray paint the panels with any type of paint. Panels should be primed before painting to create better surface for the paint (just as you’ll paint the drywall)..

What colors are available? Are these panels paintable?

The 3D wall panels are available in natural off white color. You can paint them in any color you want.

How deep is the design pattern?

The depth will vary from model to model and range between ½”to 1¼”.

What is the weight of each panel?

Small (square) panel weight is 0.65lb. or 300 gr. Big (rectangular) panel weight is 1.3lb or 600gr.

Are those panels sound proof?

The hollow spaces behind the panels and their geometrical shape improve the sound insulation; however, the main purpose of the panels is a decorative one.

Are the panels hollow?

Yes, the panels are hollow. It allows us to stack them tight together for transportation and limits their weight.

How many sq.ft. will cover each box?

Each pack of 3D wall panels will cover 64 sq.ft.


How to deal with joints?

Panels are installed butt joint way. Joints can be finished with paintable silicone or white woodfiller.And then painted.

Can I cut those panels and if yes, what tools should I use?

Yes, you can cut the panels. You can use utility knife (make sure you have a new sharp blade) To make a nice straight cut you’ll have to slide the blade along the cutting line 3-4 times gradually increasing the pressure.

What glue should I use to install the panels?

We recommend to use solvent based Contact Cement ( Weldwood original formula by DAP or Heavy Duty Contact Cement by Lepage).


How fast are panel shipped?

A. The panels delivered in 4-8 business days to Canadian and US addresses.