How to Design an Accent Wall

interior design with accent wall

There are a number of design aspects that can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a room. Accent walls have become especially popular over the years, and we have seen a number of trends surface as a result. When trying to figure out how to design an accent wall, it’s a good idea to take your time and plan properly. Here are a few points to consider rather than diving straight in.

Choosing the Perfect Wall

Firstly, before you make any decisions, you should always remember that an accent wall is just one wall in the room – not all four, and not even two. You will need to choose one lucky wall to get that special treatment. Choosing the right wall will depend on several factors. Firstly, if the wall is obstructed by several large windows, plenty of furniture, or anything else that covers half or more of this space, you may want to rethink your plan. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of designing the perfect accent wall – only to have it entirely or partially concealed.

If you are trying to choose between two or more suitable walls, you should opt for the wall that will receive the most attention, or that will set the tone for the room. For example, many people choose to decorate the wall that is directly opposite the entrance of the room. This way, as soon as you enter, you will see the beautiful accent wall.

Complementing the Design

accent red wallAfter choosing the right wall, you will need to consider all the ways in which the rest of the room can help complement the design. Despite the common belief that your accent wall is a stand-alone feature in the room, this is not strictly the case. The colours and theme of your accent wall should always be echoed in the rest of the room. For example, if your accent wall is mainly green (like a forest mural), then the rest of your walls can be painted a very light, almost white, shade of green. You can also include green and brown wood features throughout the room to give it that forest feel. Design is not only about colour, but the theme, too! So, if you have already designed your room and are looking for an accent wall to match, you may feel somewhat limited. On the other hand, if you plan your accent wall first, you can choose your furniture and fixtures accordingly.

Installing Wall Panels

Wall panels are an excellent choice that add style and depth to any room. They are available in various designs, colours, and materials. The type of material you choose will depend on where you want to create your accent wall. For example, if you plan on sprucing up your bathroom or kitchen, you will need wall panels that are resistant to humidity. 3D wall panels are very popular for a number of reasons. When paired with the right lighting, you can turn a previously boring wall into the greatest style asset in the room! These panels offer property owners the option of selecting something modern, contemporary, classic, or even rustic, depending on their needs. Instead of your regular 2D designs, the 3D aspect will make your accent wall that much more hypnotic, and will certainly impress your visitors.

Decorating with Murals

wall muralsMurals, like panels, are excellent for bringing a wall to life. There are plenty of amazing designs available to suit every room in your home or office. For bedrooms, there are some amazing soothing designs like ocean, forest, or even floral scenery. For a modern living room, you could opt for a busy city mural instead. Kitchens and cozy dining rooms can often benefit from a country style mural, or even something that resembles a romantic Italian setting. As previously mentioned, it’s very important that your furniture matches the theme of your accent wall. Bathrooms are not only practical areas of the home but they are also where we go to escape. Who can resist a soothing soak in the tub with candles, relaxing music, and the perfect mural? Just imagine submerging yourself in that warm water and, as you glance over to the wall beside you, seeing a glorious waterfall that appears to be flowing directly into the tub!

The whole point of an accent wall is to explore your creativity. Let your accent wall not only reflect the beauty of the room, but also your personality. For the finest in 3D wall panels, murals, and more, call Talissa Decor at 1 (888) 717-8453.