How to Install and Paint Ceiling Tiles/Planks

how to install ceiling tiles-planks

So you’ve decided it’s time to take on a new project and decorate your ceilings. We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our newest addition to our collection are the beautifully simplistic ceiling planks, which we currently offer in two finishes: natural pinewood immitation and white. Both designs can be used in a commercial or a residential setting, and they can hide any type of damage on the ceiling, including the outdated popcorn ceilings. These ceiling planks are made from styrofoam and they are installed pretty much the same way as you would install styrofoam ceiling tiles. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install. Here’s a step by step guide tutorial with video on how to install styrofoam ceiling tiles/planks.


Tools and materials

In order to install ceiling planks, here is what you will need:

  • Any type of construction adhesive in white. In our tutorial we used the Styro Pro glue as it offers a strong hold.
  • Measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A sharp utility knife
  • And, of course, our beautiful ceiling planks

How to install

Grab your first plank and apply the adhesive about half-an-inch to an inch away from the edges. Just like with regular tiles, start from the side and work your way in, pretty much the same way as you would install hardwood flooring. When there is no more room to install a whole plank, cut a plank to fit it in. Simply flip the tile and mark the cutting spot with a pencil by measuring the space between your last plank installed and the edge of the ceiling. When you start the next row, begin with the leftover plank you just cut. Continue like that, and you’ll have yourself a new ceiling in no time. Check out the full installation video below:



Tools and materials

To paint ceiling planks, you’ll need pretty much the same painting equipment that you would use with a regular ceiling. Make sure you’re using a water based paint, and we recommend doing the painting once the planks are already installed. You don’t have to prime the tiles, but it is recommended because primer prepares the surface for the paint. You can also find paint that already contains primer, so you’re covered on both fronts. We also recommend using a thicker sleeve so that you grab more paint and save yourself the trouble.

How to paint

Basically, ceiling tiles are painted the same way as a regular ceiling. Make sure your walls are covered with protective tape, and that you have protective drop sheets on the floors to avoid cleaning up the mess after. Apply the paint evenly in slightly varying directions to avoid overlap marks. Check out our full video tutorial on how to paint ceiling tiles/planks below.

And that’s it. We hope we have shown you how easy it is to install and paint ceiling tiles/planks. This is a simple solution to achieving a beautiful ceiling on a budget, and we hope you have fun with your next project!