Lobby Wall Murals

lobby wall mural

Since the beginning of time, wall murals have been created to decorate a space or depict an important scene for onlookers. Once architects started building lobbies, wall murals have been used in them to make that space more attractive, unique, and prominent. In short, wall murals and lobbies go together like peanut butter and jelly.

What Is a Wall Mural?

Put simply, murals are defined as large scale art that’s applied directly to a wall. They can feature any kind of art imaginable and have been used for centuries to convey ideas, create depth, and make a property unique. In fact, wall murals are presumed to be the oldest art form on Earth. One of the most famous murals is still on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel today, but older and less notable murals have been discovered all over the world, with the most ancient wall painting dating back to over 40,000 years ago.

What Is a Lobby?


To understand why wall murals pair so well with lobbies, it’s important to understand the general purpose of the space. Sometimes referred to as a “foyer,” a lobby is defined as an open gathering place – a large room created specifically to provide ample space for guests and patrons to assimilate. Usually, lobbies are connected to other rooms or hallways, and they are typically built at the front of a building or near the entrance. For that reason, a well-placed wall mural in a lobby of a building can have a striking effect on those who witness it.

3 Ways Lobby Wall Murals Can Improve Your Property

By placing an attractive wall mural in the lobby of your building, the property improves in several ways. The following three are the most common advantages to using high-quality lobby wall murals to enhance your space:

  1. Wall Murals Are Conversation Pieces

Because lobbies are gathering places, a carefully constructed wall mural is the perfect addition. Wall murals can create an interesting conversation piece that will inspire your patrons and guests to start talking. It can break the ice, convey a specific message, and/or bring unity to an otherwise separated guest list.

  1. Wall Murals Can Provide Artistic Advertising

Thoughtfully created wall murals that are placed in a visible lobby can serve as creative advertisements for people to consider. Whether you wish to communicate a certain value or demonstrate a part of your history, good wall murals are silent ads that speak volumes about your business. Stylish, timeless, and cost-effective, murals can capture the attention and loyalty of guests and patrons with or without being updated regularly.

  1. Wall Murals Make Your Property Stand OutWall-panel-in-lobby

Even if advertising and promoting conversation are not your main concern, attractive wall murals make your property highly unique. Because it’s unlikely that two murals will ever be the same, those who see yours will be inclined to remember the vision and recall where they saw it. That, in and of itself, is the best form of notoriety any otherwise unremarkable property can get.

Lobby wall murals are not only easy to install and remove but they’re also cost-effective. If the right materials are used, they can be quickly changed to suit your ever-developing vision. Since murals have already been utilized by property owners for centuries, it’s likely that their popularity will never wane.

Fortunately, beautiful murals are always considered appropriate for spaces such as hallways, walls, and ceilings. While a talented artist usually hand-paints a wall mural, it’s possible to quickly create one using pre-made tiles. This method can be applied to any lobby within a day or two and typically requires no special installation skills.