Redefining Commercial Spaces

night club ceiling tiles

Commercial spaces like bars and restaurants can truly benefit from the decorative solutions offered by our ceiling tiles, wall panels, wall murals, and other accessories. It’s just a question of what look you’re after. We’ve put together a list of some spaces that have used our products to bring their commercial area to a whole new level.

Irish Tradition

The European-style Irish pub located at 469 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA

selected the perfect ceiling tiles to achieve a traditional, authentic style with our TD-01 aged copper ceiling tiles. These tiles are extremely easy to install and maintain, and they look amazing in all types of commercial settings, especially restaurants and bars that like to accentuate their traditional look. What a perfect addition to the warm atmosphere provided by wood accents, smoked meat and cheerful clientele.

A dash of Mexico

Speaking of traditional, the K-Macho Mexican Grill located at 11741 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66210, USA, chose our 201 Faux Tin ceiling tiles to accentuate the space and give it that original traditional Mexican spirit. It’s a well known fact that ceiling tiles go great with restaurants and bars, but they can achieve so much more if you have a vision in mind. Check out how they did it:

Wildfire Waterloo

Who says you only have to select one type of ceiling tile. The Wildfire Steakhouse located in Waterloo, 130 King St South, did an excellent job merging the unique styles of our TD – 11 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile and LT-11 faux leather panels to provide a contrasting, yet unifying look to the space. Needless to say, this steakhouse is proof that good things do come in pairs!

ceiling tiles restaurant

The classy white

White has always been the favourite choice of our many clients because it offers that simple and elegant look that no other colour can achieve. With the right choice of lighting, the Tea va See Bar and Lounge offers a unique experience to all its guests – a welcoming atmosphere and a cozy interior accomplished with the installation of our 3D-71 wall panels and our EL-20 Faux Tin ceiling tiles.

Holy sprinkles!

Nothing can satisfy your sweet tooth better than delicious donuts, especially if you are enjoying the frosted, glazed treats in a uniquely designed space. The Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar used our TD04 ceiling tiles to pair with the delicacy of their unique desserts.

Munchies, anyone?

Shake it up

Opposite to the classy silver, the Shaker Kitchen & Mixology restaurant, located in Quebec, chose our TD07 Faux Tin ceiling tiles to create a dynamic and lively atmosphere. The warm and trendy look provided by the right decorative accessories such as these tiles allows for a night of fun in this unique space.



You hungry yet?

Nothing can whet your appetite like a good Shawarma place, and if that place is by chance decorated with the use of some great 3D Wall Panels, you’ve found yourself the right place to dine. The Shawarma Twist restaurant used our 3D-72 Wall Panels to create some dynamic accent walls. The restaurant is located at 4, 2901 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1X 0B6.


A good example of how a restaurant can create a warm and cozy atmosphere simply with the help of ceiling tiles is the Mary’s pizza restaurant. They used our 215 Faux Tin ceiling tiles to create the welcoming setting that ensures a great night of fine Italian dining.


Lounge after lunch

Apart from being among the top choices for restaurants, bars and other commercial and residential settings, our Tin ceiling tiles have also found their place in a cigar lounge. There’s something about wine and cigar lounges that speaks luxury, and our ceiling tiles perfectly complement the leather-filled space. Check out how the Vintage Wine & Cigars Lounge from Huntsville, Alabama used our tiles to create a unique look for their space.


A night out

The Drake Night Club used a variety of our PVC ceiling tiles to create the lively atmosphere perfect for a night out. A luxurious combination offered by our accessories creates amazing accent walls that complement the décor a space needs to get the party started!