Retail Space 3D Wall Panels

3-d panels

Retail Space 3-D Panels

3-D panels, especially when used in conjunction with the right ceiling tiles (like the ones we offer here at Talissa Decor), have the ability to transform how your retail space looks and feels.

Use 3-D wall panels to guide the flow of your retail space. This might seem like a relatively small concept to have to focus on, but we live smack dab in the middle of the most competitive business environment that has ever existed. Physical retail shops, in particular, real deal brick and mortar businesses, are being hit especially hard and you have to take advantage of every drop of leverage possible to make sure that your store is a success.

Really plan out how you want your customers to feel, from the moment that they hit the front door to the moment that they cash out and begin to leave.

Different 3-D wall panels can be used to subtly point your customers in the right direction. Combined with proper ceiling tiles, you will be able to maximize the viability of your retail space by walking your customers through a preplanned sales focused pathway.

3-D wall panels can be used to delineate different areas of your open concept retail plan. The combination of 3-D wall panels and ceiling tiles, which are rather popular these days, can also be used to effortlessly portray the different areas of those very plans.

Here is what you can do3-d panels

Again, this is going to be something a little subtler, and something that 99% of your actual customer base may not be able to pick up on immediately. However, it’s also going to be something that they subconsciously identify and something that allows them to seamlessly navigate through your store, and find the things that they want to purchase.

Different 3-D patterns and textures in your wall panels as well as in your ceiling tiles can help break apart open concept retail floor plans. This gives you serious leverage to bring in one specific type of customer to any area of your store while directing others somewhere else.

3-D panels work well with ceiling tiles that are designed to make a visual statement. 3-D panels are going to take up a significant chunk of your “retail real estate”, but you would have to be at least a little crazy to not maximize the visual real estate that exists on your ceiling as well.

Combine 3-D panels with ceiling tiles and you’ll be able to immediately elevate the overall look, feel, and flow all at once. You don’t necessarily have to use the same 3-D patterns or textures (that may actually be a bit disorienting), but you will be able to play with the real estate you have available to create spaces much more conducive to selling the merchandise you have to offer.