Tips for Creating Accent Walls


Accent walls have proven popular for a number of years and they can be seen in homes as well as businesses. The right accent wall can totally transform a room or living space. It can also help create or emphasize a theme and atmosphere that will evoke certain emotions. For example, a health facility or spa may use a mural that depicts a lovely natural setting such as a forest or lake. The green elements are perfect for calming those nerves and the mural helps everyone feel relaxed and welcome. When selecting a mural for one of your walls, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. Here are some things you should and should not do.

What NOT to do:

children's-room-with-accent-wallSince murals offer great flexibility, there aren’t a whole lot of rules regarding what you should not do. The first thing you should not do is avoid bold colors. Your accent wall is just that – a wall in the room that is supposed to grab the attention of anyone who enters. It’s the main attraction and bolder colors can help you achieve this sense of importance. Just make sure that the colors used in the accent wall design will contrast or complement the other colors in the room.

Another important point is to not limit yourself to paint alone. Accent walls are so much more than simply slapping on a coat of paint. There are so many other options these days including wall panels and murals. Wall panels help create a wonderfully textured appearance and amazing color too. Wall murals are particularly attractive because of the amazing quality of the images. From nature and urban settings to abstract designs and everything in between, there’s no shortage of magnificent mural designs. There are even some designs specifically designed for babies and young children to help make their room a real sanctuary. Some types of wall murals are reusable which means that you can move the mural to another wall or room if you wish to in the future. They are also easy to apply yourself and you don’t necessarily need a professional to do the job for you.

Now for some things you should do:

Before you do anything, take some time to think and, when doing so, think outside the box! Instead of focusing on matching colors, try checking a color wheel for shades that will create the perfect contrast. For example, yellow can look amazing when paired with certain shades of purple or dark blue. A warm and a cool color can often create that perfect balance. Metalic colors are also an option worth exploring depending on the room you are decorating.

If you are trying to keep your room neutral, you can still enjoy the beauty of an accent wall. While examples of bright colors include red and blue, neutral colors include various shades of brown. In the right setting, even the most neutral of colors can become the highlight of the room.

using-ceiling-as-accent-wallDo take a moment to consider the color of the rest of the walls in the room. It’s a good idea for the color of these walls to complement the accent wall color but you should always opt for a lighter shade on these walls so that the accent wall always stands out. If the rest of the walls are white, it can be tricky to find the perfect color for your accent wall due to the significant tone difference. That said, when you get the combination just right, it can have a wonderful modern effect.

Another way of thinking outside the box is to consider using your ceiling as your accent wall. Too often we see ceilings neglected when it comes to interior design. Many people simply paint them white or another pale shade and then forget about it. With the right design and/or color, your ceiling can become an amazing attraction in the room. Pair this with the appropriate lighting and you have a brand new space to enjoy! Don’t forget about using crown moldings around the room to help separate the ceiling from the walls. It really helps the ceiling stand out even more.

When choosing the wall you wish to transform into an accent wall, make sure that it does not have any architectural features and it should not be overcrowded with furniture either. Some furniture can look good but if you have a large bookshelf, it can completely obscure the design and make it less effective.

If you plan on adding an accent wall where there are several windows, you should keep the color of the wall lighter or else it can create a bright light effect which can overwhelm the room.

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