Las Vegas Ceiling Tiles – Top 10 Choices for a Stylish Vegas Interior

Las Vegas is known for the glitz and glamour that dominates both interior and exterior decor. In the City of Lights, it’s all about achieving a lively atmosphere through entertainment and lavish decor. It is all meant to make for a memorable stay and to make visitors feel like they own the world, even if it’s just for the night. So what does interior decor have to do with this? Well, there are certain decorative materials that restaurant, bar, hotel and night club owners in Las Vegas use to achieve this luxurious atmosphere, and ceiling tiles are one of them.

But which ones are right for your space? Well, that depends on what you want to achieve. If you’re going for a natural look, then plain white or patinated ceiling tiles are the choice to go. If you want a more lavish, luxurious look, then ceiling tiles with intricate patterns in gold colours are the way to go. For a more industrial look, choose ceiling tiles with straight lines and geometrical shapes.

Pro tip: Ceiling tiles look good on more than just ceilings. You can also use them to create an accent wall. The best thing of all is, no matter what kind of design you go for, there is a perfect ceiling tile to complete the look. Plus, Talissa Decor’s ceiling tiles are extremely easy to install. For example, our glue-up ceiling tiles require nothing more than a steady hand, some glue and some cutting tools to get the job done all on your own.

We’ve narrowed down some of the most popular ceiling tiles to get the ideas flowing, but you can browse our full selection of ceiling tiles here:

The “Casino” look

Popular among many of our customers in Vegas, these faux tin ceiling tiles are perfect if you want your space to make every game night a fun and exciting one (win or lose).

Here’s where you can find them:

Blackjack, Hold ’em, Texas hold ’em, Custom cards

ceiling tiles las vegas

A clean cut

Straight, geometrical shapes such as these work well in bars and restaurants because of their simplicity. This means they can pretty much go with any type of lighting, furniture, accessories and so on. Get it here

ceiling tiles las vegas luxury

Ballroom style

If you have a large open space and are looking for a simple and easy way to decorate it without overspending, ceiling tiles are the right way to go. It’s perfect for ballroom dancing areas. Get it here

ceiling tiles las vegas decor

Repetitive patterns

As we’ve mentioned before, geometric shapes and patterns are the best choice for someone looking for a clear cut design but still wants to add some volume to their ceilings. You can pair the 250 ceiling tiles together to create perfect concentric circles. Hypnotic…Get them here.

ceiling tiles las vegas talissa decor

Go for bold

The intricate designs of our 201 ceiling tiles are ever so popular among restaurant, lounge, night club and bar owners in Las Vegas. Our favourite is the golden one. Which one is yours? Discover them here.

bold vegas decor

Classic or classy?

Another classic, simplistic design that can make a powerful statement when you choose the right colour. Get it here.

classic ceiling tiles decor

Stand out from the crowd

The TD 25 offers such a complete, multidimensional look that it is hard not to use it in all your interior decor projects. We actually installed it in our showroom and it looks stunning. The maze-like design paired with a contrasting background truly makes the room pop. Available here

Lines, lines

Again, we’re big on combining the modern with the classic, and most of our ceiling tiles mix basic elements with the modern, industrial, classic and/or luxurious. Such is the 261 faux tin ceiling tile that would look superb in a Las Vegas restaurant or a bar that is gunning for the industrial look. Find it here.

A stylish solution

It’s time to get classy. Interior decor in Las Vegas simply loves the elegant look of our 268 Coffered Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles. Get them here.

ceiling tiles las vegas white decor

The modern funk

The modern look is popular among many bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Las Vegas. Mesmerizing, repetitive shapes and cool, modern colours are sure to bring out those funky disco moves and make for a whole night of fun.

Talissa Decor offers the best you can get from ceiling tiles in Las Vegas. Find the ideal decorative solution for your Vegas property with our wide selection of ceiling tiles that will make your space as comfortable as it can get for a truly memorable night in the City of Lights.