wall-muralWall Mural’s are a quick and easy way to bring a new dimension to any room of your home or business. Whether it is the kid’s room, mancave or waiting room, wall murals have a great appeal to them because they are easy to install and come in dozens of different graphics and textures. And using wall murals isn’t limited to residential spaces; you can use them to great effect in commercial settings. Talissa Décor carries 205 different wall murals to suit any personal taste. So where do you start?

breakaway-hockey-scene-wall-muralFirst off, take a look at the room that you want to breathe new life into. Think about the people who will be using the room the most. For example, if your son likes hockey, he might like an on-ice hockey scene. For example, like this one called ‘Breakaway‘. Click on this link to find out purchase information:

praslin-wall-muralIf it’s a commercial space think about your customers. If you’re a dentist, think about using a calming wall mural in the waiting room. How about a tropic scene? Your patients might love the scene. If you aren’t sure about picking the right scene, have some fun with the process and hold a contest asking patients to pick which one they like most from several mural wall scenes. Click on this link to find out purchase information:

concrete-wall-theme-muralSecondly, wall murals aren’t just images or scenes they can also be patterns. Talissa Décor has the mural many such themes that can give any room a great look. If you want an interesting industrial-look to a conference room try getting the concrete wall theme.

Thirdly, move around furniture and other items in the room to give the maximum effect. Show off the wall mural theme that gives the people in the room an opportunity to soak up the image.

Lastly, share your new-look room. Inspire friends and family; it’s always fun to share your creative endeavours to others who might want some inspiration of their own. Check out the Talissa Decor Wall Mural Section to find a great wall mural that suits your needs!