When it comes to your home or office décor, there are many aspects that will impact the way you and your visitors feel. There is no doubt that a properly maintained environment is more pleasing and makes people feel more welcome. However, we often focus on such design aspects as the floor, walls, and furniture. One part of interior design that is often neglected is the ceiling. This really is a shame since you can add so much character, warmth, and personality to a room without giving up on space! When choosing the right ceiling for your home or business, it’s good to think about the impact it will have on visitors and how it will influence the way they perceive you or your company.


If you leave your ceiling untouched and without any real color or style, it can clash with the rest of the décor. For example, if you have a wonderfully modern setting and your ceiling looks old and outdated, then it will stick out like a sore thumb. By neglecting a part of any room, people will think that you haven’t really invested much time or effort into your interior design. For business owners, it’s even more important to make a great first impression, and this means that your premises needs to look its best – from ceiling to floor.

A fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint might sound like a good idea and you’re not completely wrong. Painting your ceiling will at least make it look fresh and clean. It will not, however, hide any serious defects or damage. Applying paint to your ceiling shows people that you have put in some effort but you are not yet ready to invest in this part of the room/building.

Ceiling tiles

When you start shopping around for ceiling tiles, you will be faced with an extensive list of options. Not only are they made from various materials, but they are also available in several colors and designs. Each of which will help you show off your personality and emphasize the style of the room.  Some of the most popular ceiling tile options include:

  • polystyrene-ceiling-tileStyrofoam: This is an easy to install and inexpensive way of transforming any room. These tiles arrive unfinished, and can remain as such or they can be painted if you like. They are lightweight and there are plenty of different designs and patterns from which to choose. For the most part, they are suited for modern settings where a subtle touch of style is desired. Though simple in design, this type of ceiling décor will let your visitors know that you have taken the time to make them feel welcome and you are ready to impress.
  • Antique, Vintage, Victorian, or Medieval: If your room has a special theme, you need the right ceiling tiles to go with it. These tiles reflect a sense of refinement and elegance. They are excellent for those who enjoy the feeling of luxury. If you are decorating a room according to a specific time period, it will also show your guests that you have a keen eye for detail and perfection.
  • Retro, Rustic or Classic: These ceiling tile designs are perfect for areas of your home or business where you have chosen a more traditional theme, as opposed to something more modern. It’s all about embracing those styles that have stood the test of time and creating a warm and welcoming space. These kinds of ceiling tiles let your guests know that your home is one where they can relax and enjoy your company. It’s a way of opening up your home and encouraging visitors.
  • Modern: If you have a modern style room with minimal décor, you want your ceiling to fit in with this theme. You don’t want to have a ceiling bursting with fine detail when the rest of the room is comparatively minimalistic. Modern decorative themes are created for those who strive to achieve their goals, for focused and straightforward personalities.

classical-interiors-living-roomIt’s important to note that some types of ceiling tile designs can suit several types of environments. For example, a classic style tile could look lovely in a traditional or contemporary setting. While your ceiling will have a significant impact on the way a room looks and feels, it’s also important to make sure that you choose the right one to complement the décor as a whole. In addition, these tiles are available in various colors. Smaller rooms are best decorated with lighter shades or else you could end up making the room feel much smaller than it is. With a larger room, you have the freedom to choose just about anything you fancy, including Wood, Art Deco, and Oriental.

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