DIY Home Decor: When, Why and Where Should You Install 3D Wall Panels?

should you install 3d wall panels

The walls of your home or business are a canvas and they should be treated as such. There are countless choices when it comes to decorating your wall, paint, wallpaper, art. However, there is a fast and easy way to bring elegance to your walls with little effort and at a great price – 3D wall panels

These wall decor panels come in a wide variety of styles, spaces, and colours so finding some that will perfectly complement your space is as easy as it is enjoyable. Where and when is it best to install this decorative solution and why choose them over other wall decor options?

When to Install 3D Wall Panels

If you have one room in your home or business that you would like to highlight, 3Dl panels are a great way to turn it into a focal point. Another great time to install this decorative solution is when your home or business is lacking in personality. They will add character to your space and create depth to the wall that will draw in the eyes.

Why Install 3D Wall Panels

3D panels are the perfect option for those looking to elegantly design their space without putting in too much time or effort. Compared to other wall decorating options, this decorative solution is incredibly easy to install. Things such as painting and wallpaper installation will require a lot of planning and can cause a large mess. To install panels you only need a small amount of adhesive and then gently press them on to the wall. 

Where to Install 3D Wall Panels

As stated previously, these panels can be installed on a wall you want to highlight or a ceiling that you want to give some character. However, you could install the panels throughout an entire room to create a luxurious cohesive feel that will surely impress. 

So the answer to ‘where to install 3D wall panels’ is anywhere in your commercial or residential space. They would work well in a bar, restaurant, cafe, living room, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere that needs a little extra personality. 


3D panels are a fantastic, affordable wall decoration option that is easy to install and takes very little in the way of maintenance. The large selection of choice you will find ensure that they will fit in any space you desire. When, why, and where to install them is self-explanatory, they are a beautiful choice for any wall that brings a touch of luxury to any space they are installed.

Decorating your walls and ceiling is a must if you want your space to have a luxurious look while also looking complete and cohesive. Thanks to the large selection of 3D wall decor options you’ll find at Talissa Decor, finding the tile that will perfectly complement your space is as easy as giving us a call or visiting our location.

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