Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Winnipeg

ceiling tiles in Winnipeg

Wall Panels and Ceiling Tiles in Winnipeg

Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Winnipeg are perfect for renovations as well as new constructions. Our products offer property owners the most affordable way of improving their property without a significant financial investment or inconvenience. The designs and colours you choose will reflect your personality and style or, in a commercial setting, the image of your business.

Ceiling Tiles with Authentic Designs

wall panels in WinnipegBy using quality products and materials, we are able to create the most authentic-looking faux tin and faux leather designs. Not only are the embossed and 3D designs responsible for this realistic appearance, but the colours too. Faux tin and faux leather offer a number of benefits over and above their original counterparts. For starters, they are lightweight and easy to install yourself.They also do not require the special maintenance that real tin and leather need on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact that faux products are much cheaper too.

More 3D Wall Panel Designs

While browsing through our wide range of products, you will notice that we offer several options in terms of materials. Top choices include PVC, thermoplastic, wood fiber, plant fiber and Styrofoam. From modern or contemporary to Art Deco and vintage styles, you will find all you need right here. Our modern designs are perfect for minimalists while vintage or antique designs will suit your Victorian-themed home beautifully.

Delivered to Your Door

While shopping online for stylish ceiling tiles and wall panels is convenient, we like to make this experience even more pleasant by offering several shipping options throughout the USA and Canada, including Winnipeg.These options include same day shipping (orders placed before 1 pm EST), next day shipping, overnight shipping and regular shipping which takes 3 to 5 days from the time it leaves our facilities.