How to Cover Up Popcorn Ceilings

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Many of our clients have told us about the struggles they had with covering up their outdated popcorn ceilings (also known as acoustic or stucco ceilings). A popular trend from 1950s to the 1980s, popcorn ceilings used to be the go-to solution for many homeowners because of their lively texture and simple application method.

Even though it was very popular at the time of its invention, popcorn ceiling has become quite the headache today since it is not easy to get rid of. The most difficult aspect of the task is lack of options – other than completely removing the popcorn or adding an extra layer of drywall. Both options are pretty messy and complex tasks. Not only are you required to invest extra time, money and effort into the project, but you often run into complications that hinder the progress even further.

Nevertheless, there is a simple way to cover up a popcorn ceiling that is neither time consuming nor expensive – and there’s no way you can go wrong if you take your measurements right. Glue-up ceiling tiles are a modern and tidy alternative to getting rid of that ugly popcorn ceiling.

Ceiling tiles come in various sizes (2×2 or 2×4), patterns and colours, and you don’t have to go through the lengthly and expensive process of removing the popcorn – you just have to adhere the tiles directly to the ceiling. The best thing of all is that you don’t have to pay anyone to do it; you can install the ceiling tiles all by yourself, and you don’t need any previous installation experience either.

Check out our quick and easy guide on how to cover up popcorn ceilings using polystyrene ceiling tiles.

Things to have in mind:

Be weary of the quality of your ceiling. Check the condition of your popcorn ceiling before you start adhering the tiles. If you notice cracks, or if the ceiling starts falling off, then there is no point in adhering the tiles, right?

Take detailed measurements. Our ceiling tiles come in 2×4 and 2×2 sizes, so you can opt for either size and take your measurements based on those dimensions.

Always have a little extra tiles at hand. Yes, you may have taken the exact measurements, and you’re confident that you will have the exact amount needed to get the job done, but it’s always good to take potential slips and mistakes into account. You might cut a ceiling tile just an inch too short, or one might fall and get damaged. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and order a few extra tiles.

Be picky about the design – We have plenty of wonderful colors and designs to choose from, so make your selection based on what fits your space the most. It’s your ceiling after all. But not to worry, if you are not completely satisfied with the pattern you chose, ceiling tiles are extremely easy to remove as well.

If you don’t find the right color – If you don’t find the color that matches your space, there’s a solution for that as well! Plain polystyrene ceiling tiles available at Talissa Decor can be repainted to the color of your choice!